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Last Thursday, L.S. Engler posted about her dilemma of whether she was working hard or hardly working. I run into this all the time. People say they think I’m really productive. And I rarely feel like it. Maybe because all I have to show for it is that word count meter going up. Although that one usually makes me feel good. But the other parts, the revising(particularly the read through) and the plotting, they aren’t quite as visible. So, while I know I get things done, I look back and go “what the heck did I even do today?” It doesn’t matter if I know I’m being productive, I don’t usually feel like it. Or I feel like I could do even more if I wasn’t lazy. And then I look at everything I cross off my to-do list, and go “okay, I did get a lot done.” It just never feels like enough.

And this post by Marcy Kennedy over on Kristen Lamb’s blog, hit on something I tend to struggle with. And I didn’t realize how much until I read the this post. So, now I need to add as, while, and when to my list of words for my search & destroy missions when I edit.


What about you? How do you measure your productivity? Do you work hard or feel like you should be doing more? Do we ever let up on ourselves?


Comments on: "Monday Mentions: Working Hard & Kissing ‘As’" (1)

  1. Thanks for another mention, Fallon! Good to know that I’m not the only one who could stand there will a fully check-off list and still think, “ARG, I haven’t done ANYTHING today!”

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