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I seem to have a problem with making up my mind. About what to work on, how to split up my time, what works best for me. For the last couple weeks, I’ve been splitting 6 hours between 5 different projects. And it’s working. But…there’s always that but. I know I could get even more done if I’d narrow my focus. So, for right now I’m dropping the two side projects. I’ll pick them up as my main projects later. Also, I have a list of 8 projects to draft(already plotted out) and 5 WiPs that need to be revised(as well as 2 that are out with readers). So, I wanted to come up with a schedule that will allow me to work through both. I could just focus on revising. But, then I wouldn’t be writing, and I get twitchy about that. So(for now at least) I’ve settled on an every other month plan. During the odd months, my main focus will be on drafting. I’ll split my time with 4 hours drafting, an hour revising, & an hour plotting. During the even months, it will be 4 hours revising, 1 hour drafting, & 1 hour plotting. I even have my calendar worked out so I know what I’m working on and my personal deadlines. I may end up changing that plan again, but for right now this is what I think will work.

We’re having the boy’s birthday party today(which is why I wrote this up on Saturday). Didn’t we just do this a few weeks ago? Oh yeah, that was for the other one. Having their birthdays close together can be a pain sometimes. But, then I don’t need to have a bunch of people in my house again for another 11 months.

  • Flames of Retribution – 10k words – not quite. Did get 9871. Wednesday was my lowest day with exactly 1000 words. I can usually do around 1k in an hour. So if I start working on this for 4 hrs/day, I’m hoping for around 4k days.
  • Healing the Heart – Finish round 1 revisions – this is done. Even started another read through for smaller scale changes.
  • Green Hills & Smoky Fields – finish brainstorming – this is done & only one more character back story to write.
  • Law of Choice – 5 pages – yes. onto page 41. I’ll be setting this one aside until I finish Flames of Retribution(hopefully only a couple more weeks)
  • Flames of Justice – 5 pages – not quite 5. maybe 4.5. I probably won’t get back to this until October(when I finish Law of Choice).
  • Read: Fortune’s Risk(Jamie Grey), Athena’s Ashes(Jamie Grey), Four(Veronica Roth), & Get Me(Jillian Dodd) I finished Get Me on Friday by lunchtime. I had other things I planned to get done and only planned to read while I ate breakfast. Then, I said I was only going to read a little more then I’d get back to work. *cue maniacal laughter* I should know better. I didn’t put it done until I reached the end. I felt like that end dragged on a little longer than necessary, but overall, it was a satisfying ending to the series. Then, after lunch, I started reading The Coldest Girl in Coldtown(Holly Black)
  • Knit: Bee-utiful Dishcloth – haven’t worked on this any more this week. Haven’t even felt like picking it up.

So, goals for next week:

  • Flames of Retribution – 4 hours a day for hopefully around 20k(which will bring me to around 75k)
  • Healing the Heart – 1 hour a day & hopefully half way through it
  • GH&SF – finish character work
  • Read: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown(Holly Black), Ashes and Bone(Stacy Green), Dare to Desire(Carly Phillips), & Hanna, Hanna, One-and-Two(Myndi Shafer)
  • Read: Writing about Magic(Rayne Hall) – Through Chapter 9
  • Knit: Bee-utiful Dishcloth

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Always Changing" (12)

  1. Oh, man, reading this is like looking back on my past, lol. Those days of juggling multiple projects. Sometimes I miss it and consider going back to it, but focusing on a few projects have really been working out for me since I decided to bust out Soulless. Here’s to hoping the new focus works out really well for you, too, Fallon!

    • Thanks! I’m hoping it does too. This morning wasn’t too great so far, but I got stuck figuring out the timeline for this part of the story and figuring out little details. Stuff I shouldn’t be focusing on right now.

  2. Looks like you have a plan in place. And you can always change it later, if you find something that works better. But it sounds like you were making the 6-for-5 work, too.

  3. Sounds like a good plan! Hope your week is a fruitful and fantastic one!! 🙂

  4. Looks like you’ve got a good plan of attack in place. I’m having the issue of the cup overfloweth myself with writing and life projects. Hopefully the plans we have in place will get it all evened out 🙂 Good luck!

  5. I feel you on the projects. There’s always so much to do and I feel I should be done. I’ve yet to find the right solution for myself. At the moment, I’m trying to keep priorities in mind as I make goals. So it is less about what I “want/like” and more about “should.”

    Good job on the goals, as always. 🙂

    • and one of the main characters for one of the ones I have plotted popped up in one of the side projects(they’re from the same series), which makes me want to write his story even more. But, it’s not on the schedule until next year. We’ll see if he waits his turn 😉


  6. I’m impressed by how many projects you manage simultaneously. My max is two, maybe–maybe–three at a time. I have trouble switching between the voices of that many characters, so I try to stick to one manuscript, with a back-up project in case I get stuck or need a change of pace.

    You made great progress this week. Congrats! 🙂

    • I can usually handle the three if they’re in different stages. Adding the two side projects on was a little too much though.


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