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The kids had a pretty good first week of school. The boy only had three days(the preschool was closed Friday for an inservice). The girl’s teacher sent home a note on Friday that she’s a very nice reader. My thought: I could have told you that. πŸ™‚ Last year, she could already read above her grade level. Tomorrow’s the start of September, which can be a bit of a roller coaster month for us. I’ll post more about that on Wednesday. For right now, I’m going to focus on what I’ve gotten done the last month. First, this week’s progress:

  • Flames of Retribution – At least 10k words – 11156!
  • Healing the Heart – I’m getting close to where I plan to start rewriting for the end, so I may not make a lot of progress. I’m going to plan to get through Chapter 25. – made it through Ch 25. Hoping to get through the last 5 this week.
  • East of Abilene – finish replotting – done
  • Green Hills & Smoky Fields – brainstorm(this is a historical that I wrote years ago. But, I want to start basically from scratch)– have 3/4 of the main characters brainstormed.
  • Law of Choice – 5 pages – yes! Some things that were mentioned as back story in The Choice are happening now.
  • Flames of Justice – 5 pages – yes, just barely. Seeing a different side of Reese here.
  • Knit: Finish Turtle Love Bib – yesIMG_0192-0


  • Flames of Retribution – 40k words – 45149! This one may be at least as long as Flames of Redemption since I still haven’t quite hit the midpoint. Unless my pacing is completely off.
  • Flames of Redemption – Polish & send to betas – done!
  • Healing the Heart(Gilbert, CO #2 – Duty to Protect was #1) – Revisions – Round 1 – still working on this. Hoping to have it done by Friday.
  • Doren’s Story(Kurztown #2) – Outline – done. don’t know when I’ll get to writing it though.
  • Law of Choice(Kurztown #.5) – write 30 pages- On page 35.
  • Rick & Leann – finish – yes! I’ve been posting it for my Friday Fiction


  • Listen: Dreams of Gods & Monsters yes. Also listened to: Catching Fire, Mockingjay, Timebound & currently more than halfway through Under the Never Sky.
  • Read 10 books(including Pushing the Limits in this, so I’m already 1 down) – hahaha. Only 10? More like 32. Some of these were novellas(or maybe shorter). I finished 6 yesterday, 3 of which were full length novels. I didn’t really do much else.
  • Read: Write Your Novel From the Middle(James Scott Bell) – yes and have been using some of the ideas in my plotting.


  • Knitting: Finish 3 projects(Berry Baby Hat, Leafy Newborn Beanie, & Turtle Love Bib) – done
  • Crochet: Finish 2 projects(Orbital Dishcloth & Ship’s Helm Dishcloth) – done

I’m thinking of switching back to a time goal. With a word count goal, I find myself stopping as soon as I reach it. Sure, sometimes with a time goal, I don’t get quite as many words. But, a lot of times I get even more. I’m thinking of working for 2 hours on my main project(Flames of Retribution for right now), and an hour each on the other ones. That will give me 6 hours a day. Of course, I’m still going to have goals I’m working toward since having both seems to help keep me on track. So, for September:


  • Flames of Retribution – finish first draft
  • Healing the Heart – finish round 1 revisions and start round 2(unless I get The Choice back from CP or Flames of Redemption from beta)
  • Green Hills & Smoky Fields(this will probably not be the final title) – finish outlining
  • Law of Choice – 25 pages
  • Flames of Justice – 25 pages


  • Listen: Under the Never Sky & Left Drowning(Jessica Park)
  • Read: 15 books(and then start on the Kindle Unlimited/free books)
  • Read: 1 craft/research book(to be decided)


  • Knitting: 3 projects(Bee-utiful Dishcloth, Pumpkin Hat, & Petal Dishcloth)
  • Crochet: 2 projects(Autumn Slouch Hat & Baby Baseball Cap)

And for this week, my goals are:

  • Flames of Retribution – 10k words
  • Healing the Heart – Finish round 1 revisions
  • Green Hills & Smoky Fields – finish brainstorming
  • Law of Choice – 5 pages
  • Flames of Justice – 5 pages
  • Read: Fortune’s Risk(Jamie Grey), Athena’s Ashes(Jamie Grey), Four(Veronica Roth), & Get Me(Jillian Dodd)
  • Knit: Bee-utiful Dishcloth

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: End of August" (5)

  1. You are doing great on your goals – keep up the good work!

    That turtle bib is so cute! (I love turtles!)

  2. I thought that book by James Scott Bell sounded good, and realized that I already have it. I think I’ll give it another shot, knowing you’ve gotten a lot out of it.

    Ya done good!

  3. […] Bouton’s ten-year updates for 1980, 1990, and 2000. It’s an excellent memoir. Then, Fallon Brown mentioned that she had read James Scott Bell’s Write Your Novel From The Middle and had gotten a few […]

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