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Sunday Summary: Off Week

This hasn’t been one of my best weeks. Not my worst either though. Just felt very unfocused. When I only get 7 words written in 1/2 an hour, I know something is off. I ended up just reading most of Friday afternoon and pretty much all of Saturday except for when we were next door for niece’s 6th birthday. Then, we went to the park in town today after church since husband had a meeting, and while the kids were playing, I got an idea for an upcoming scene in ‘Retribution’. Hopefully whatever was causing this snag, will be gone. Tomorrow the boy has orientation/meet-the-teacher for preschool, so I probably won’t get too much done. It goes until 1:30, but I don’t think we have to stay the whole time. Then, they both start school on Tuesday. I’m actually thinking of just using Tuesday as a “veg on the couch watching Netflix’ day. Think the day to relax by myself might be needed. But, we’ll see how I feel come Tuesday.

  • Flames of Retribution – Draft 3 hrs/day: At least another 10k – I did the 3 hours, but only managed over 8600 words. I think part of my struggle with it this week is that one of the side characters is telling me something but I’m not sure how/if/when to reveal it.
  • Healing the Heart – Revise 2 hrs/day: Through Chapter 25 – Only made it though Chapter 23. I’d like to finish this round of revisions this week, but I’m thinking that might not happen.
  • Scars and All – Plot 1 hr/day: Finish plotting – Like I said Wednesday, I got this done. I was trying to do some worldbuilding/plotting for a fantasy idea I had. But, it’s just not coming together for me. On Friday I decided to set that aside and replot the western I wrote earlier this year(East of Abilene). Fantasy might still be just a little too far outside my comfort zone.
  • Law of Choice – Write 1 hr/day: 10 pages – I’m just onto page 30 on this. So only 2 pages or so this week. Hopefully will do better this week.
  • Flames of Justice – 1 hr/day: 5 pages – I’m at 1 page on this. Not even close to the goal. Hoping to do better this week.
  • Knit: Turtle Love Bib – not finished, but the main part of the bib is almost done(probably will be today) then I just need to shape the shoulders/neck and do the ties.
  • Also, I read: The Fallen(Keri Lake), Fanning the Flames(Victoria Dahl), Hopeless(Colleen Hoover), Crossing(Stacey Wallace Benefiel), With This Curse(Amanda Dewees), Whiskey Sour(Liliana Hart), A Little Combustible Chemistry(Violet Duke), & On a Night Like This(Barbara Freethy). I’ve been working my way through my free downloads and Kindle Unlimited.

I’m not going to list out my time goals for each project, just what I hope to accomplish. I am still going to try to stick to that schedule though.

  • Flames of Retribution – At least 10k words
  • Healing the Heart – I’m getting close to where I plan to start rewriting for the end, so I may not make a lot of progress. I’m going to plan to get through Chapter 25.
  • East of Abilene – finish replotting
  • Green Hills & Smoky Fields – brainstorm(this is a historical that I wrote years ago. But, I want to start basically from scratch)
  • Law of Choice – 5 pages
  • Flames of Justice – 5 pages
  • Knit: Finish Turtle Love Bib

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