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Our internet went out about 10:30 yesterday morning. It finally came back around 11 this morning. 24 hours! Yes, I may have been slightly twitchy. Also may have promised not to curse it out when it’s running slow if it would just come back to me. No, I’m not dependent on the internet at all. 😉

Despite that, it’s been a pretty good week. Continuing to make progress on Flames of Retribution. Some interesting things have cropped up. First, my WiPPet snippet. 12(8+1+3) lines from Chapter 2. Nolan is a friend of Mark’s. They served in the Marines together and work together now as firefighters. And the fairy Nolan mentions is Caitie, who Mark was thinking about in the last snippet. It seems to be his nickname for her.

Mark leaned against the bar and lifted the glass of whiskey and cola to his lips. This drink was stronger than the ones he’d had at the wedding reception. So, he’d have to take things slowly. Bad things happened when he had too much whiskey. He remembered the way Caitie had wrapped herself around him. The way her fingers had felt against his skin. He blew out a breath. Sometimes they felt really good before disaster struck though.
He rubbed a hand over his eyes before taking another sip. He felt Nolan settle onto a stool beside him. “You just going to mope over here, or are you going to actually socialize.”
“I’m not moping,” Mark said but felt a smile tug at his lips.
“Brooding then.”
“Is there really a difference?”
“Slight. What’s going on, Mark? It can’t just be about the fairy.”
“Will you stop calling her that?” But, he laughed. “And I don’t know. I can’t stop thinking about them.”
“You think it was the wedding? Could have been you standing up in a church.”
His mouth thinned at that. Deena had been in his thoughts more since the wedding on Saturday. “Would have been if I hadn’t screwed up.”


Flames of Retribution – 3 hrs/day – I’ve done this, although today’s words were a struggle with not being able to play spotify on my computer(with no internet). I think music is almost like blinders for me, keeping me focused on the track I’m on. I have added over 6k to it this week so far though.
Flames of Redemption – 2 hrs/day & find readers –  I finished polishing this up and posted yesterday looking for readers. I have 1 lined up so far. Have moved my revising goal to Healing the Heart(Book 2 in my Gilbert, CO series) – I’m through about 7.5 chapters.
Doren’s Story(currently titled Scars and All) – 1 hr/day & finish character work – haven’t gotten to this yet today. But did on Monday & Tuesday. I’m up to the antagonist’s back story now, so should certainly finish the character work this week.
Law of Choice – 1 hr/day – shooting for another 10 pages – Yes, and I’ve written 3 pages so far. Haven’t worked on it yet today though.
Flames of Justice – 1/2 hr/day – hoping to finish back stories at least – yes and finally finished the first back story
Rick & Leann – 1/2 hr a day & finish -yes & no, not yet. still hoping to finish this week though.
Read: Beyond Control(Kit Rocha) & Past My Defenses(Wendy Sparrow) – yes & yes. loved them both, although they are quite different. Also read Killing Honor(S.M. Butler) And finished listening to Catching Fire. Downloaded Mockingjay to listen to next
Crochet: Ship’s Helm Dishcloth – uh, no. I had problems with it Monday, kept messing up and having to start over. Then, since we didn’t have internet last night, I couldn’t bring the pattern up(because I hadn’t printed it off). Hoping to work on it tonight



Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Back to Internet Land" (22)

  1. I can’t wait to find out what happens next, Fallon. I’d like to know some of the backstory, too.

  2. Internet outage = horrid trauma. *nods* I’ve been there and I feel your pain. Speaking of pain – nice excerpt. Mark seems to be fighting his attraction. Give in, Mark! Give in!

  3. Why is Nolan calling her a fairy? That strikes me as…odd. I love the tension Mark’s feeling. He seems like he wants to do the right thing but isn’t quite sure what that is.

  4. I had to give up crocheting when I got serious about writing. I have too many half-finished baby blankets lying around!

    • yeah, it’s lower on my priority list. Also why I’m starting to like crocheting more than knitting. I can usually get through a project faster.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I like that Mark is trying to figure out what is going on. It’s nice to see his internal thoughts (PS I suck at writing men, but you are good at writing men!)

    • Thanks! I’m usually afraid I’m not getting them quite right, but I actually like writing men better than women. Which is probably weird.

  6. Sounds like a good week despite the interwebs snafu. I too will listen to music while I write, sometimes it inspires, and sometimes it helps break through a mental block. Keeping going!!

  7. I really want to know why Mark’s acting like being with Caitlin is a bad thing…I’m a bit confused, but I’m guessing there’s context I’m missing, here. I want to read more.

    I’m very happy you have your internet back. May you enjoy getting reacquainted!

    • It has a lot to do with his past, part of which him and Nolan were hinting at the end of the snippet.

      I’m very happy about it too. 🙂

  8. Isn’t it amazing how dependent on the Internet we are? My routine would totally be thrown off it I couldn’t access Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. to interact with other writers and the world at large.

    Nice tension in the snippet!

  9. No internet…I used to get buggier about that than I do now. Still, it does make me a bit twitchy. Thank goodness for smart phones!

    I liked the interchange here. Only two things made me pause reading. In this line “Sometimes they felt really good before disaster struck ” & “I can’t stop thinking about them.” It’s ‘they’ and ‘them’ seems like those should be singulars???

    • ‘they’ was referring back to the bad things, but maybe it needs to be reworded to be clearer. And he has been thinking about 2 people. May have to make that clearer too.


  10. This makes me want to know more about what is going on with Caitie and Mark. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  11. No internet… kind of sounds nice at the moment (of course, it could be because I have over 80Gig of music to tide me over while I write). Don’t you find the social media distracting? Or does it energize you?

    Sounds like there’s some old hurt to deal with here. Not sure about that line the “Sometimes they felt really good…” I keep having to go back to it. Who are “they”?

    • I don’t have any music saved on the computer, otherwise that wouldn’t be so bad. Social media can be distracting. I usually have tweetdeck up and check it every once in a while. Sometimes more than others. 🙂

      Yeah, Mark carries a lot of old pain with him. He was referring back to the bad things that happen when he has too much whiskey.

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