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I just finished polishing up Flames of Redemption, a 95,000 word romantic suspense. Now, I’m looking for a couple(or more) beta readers for it. I’d like to have it back by the end of September at the latest. If you can do that, and you’d like to read this, let me know. I’d really appreciate any feedback to hopefully have it ready for a mid-November release.

Kayla Brooke has firefighting in her blood. She followed her father’s footsteps into the Crystal Glen Fire Department, but when she shows an interest in the whys, she moves into her uncle’s path; fire investigation. Fighting the flames has cost her: friends taken by the flames that call to her and a man she thought she loved. After her fiance walked out on her because he could handle what she was, she never expected another man to light a different kind of fire in her blood. Until Adrian Riley ran into her life.

Adrian Riley came from a family of cops, but he decided to start over in a town where no one knows his family. Now, on the fast track to promotion, he thinks this new case could be the key to proving himself. Then, he butts heads with a hotheaded firefighter on the scene, and his whole world turns upside down. She could be the key to everything, or the one weakness that could take him down.

They fight the sparks that threaten to burn them both. But, once they light, there’s no stopping the blaze. Kayla’s been burned before, but this time the flames may consume her. When more fires start, they know it’s more than a simple case. But, when the arsonist seems to have turned his attention to Kayla, Adrian will do everything within his power to keep her safe, even stand between her and the fire.

Comments on: "Call for Beta Readers: Flames of Redemption" (4)

  1. Ooh, me! I’m definitely interested in giving it a read-through, Fallon, and I even have Microsoft Word now, so any previous issues I’ve had with helping in this sort of thing shouldn’t be a problem any longer.

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