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A few interesting posts this week. Ok, there were probably more than a few, but we’ve probably established, I forget to bookmark. 😉

Ava Jae wrote on Keeping Your Characters Moving. Or rather, your character needs a goal. This is one of the first things I figure out when I’m plotting. I do my brainstorming mind maps. Then, I write down internal & external goals(as well as motivation & conflict for each) for protagonist(s) and antagonist(s). I figure this out even before I write their back stories. Because the character does need a goal, and something to stand in their way. Of course, that goal sometimes changes along the way, but I always need a starting point.

Marcy Kennedy had a post on Orphaning Your Dialogue. This is an issue I sometimes have. I’ll have 2(or 3) characters in a conversation. And of course, I know who is saying what. But, I forget that these characters aren’t talking in the readers’ heads. So, it can be confusing. #1 is probably my biggest issue. The back and forth without tags or beats. And #2. Sometimes even 3. This is one of those things I need to watch out for when I’m revising though.

And another post from Ava Jae on Balancing Action with Quiet. This is one of those things that can be hard to be sure of. You don’t want too much action, even in a fast-paced story and wear out your readers and characters. But, at the same time, not enough action can be boring. I write mostly romantic suspense. So, there tends to be action…and quieter action. Even aside from those, I try to get other quieter moments in as well. But, I do tend to worry there’s too much of one or the other.


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