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I think it’s been a while since I’ve done a Monday Mentions post. I just haven’t had much to share.

I posted this cover reveal for L.S. Engler’s upcoming book on Friday. Sharing it again in case anyone missed it.

And this post by Ava Jae on Writing What You Want to Read. When thinking about my writing influences, the two who come to my mind are Louis L’Amour and Nora Roberts. Very different, yes. But, I started reading Louis L’Amour when I was twelve or thirteen. This is also about the time I started writing. I started with writing westerns. My dad has the only copy of the first of these. But, those books I read are what got me really writing. I never started reading romances until I was in college. But, it was Nora Roberts I read then. And got me loving romance.

And what do I write now? Romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and westerns. That’s what I like to read, and they’re the ideas that come to me. I have a couple ideas for other things, of course. I doubt I will ever write horror or even sci-fi. With a few exceptions, I don’t read it.

Of course, I’ve heard westerns aren’t really marketable these days. But, these stories are in my head, which means I need to get them out. So, I’ll continue to write them and hope there are others like me out there that would like to read them.

What about you? Do you write what you like to read? Do you write what’s popular or not worry about the current trends? And what do you think about that cover? It comes out in 11 more days.



Comments on: "Monday Mentions: Cover Reveal & Writing What You Want" (3)

  1. I don’t worry about current trends. I have to write the story that’s in me, pestering to be told.

  2. I’ve started writing nonfiction because I discovered I like reading it more than fiction. I think there’s an audience for just about anything, and they can tell if someone’s just chasing a trend.

    • By the way, I like the cover for L.S.’s book. A lot of covers for books in that genre tend to use dark, earthy colors, and this one doesn’t.

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