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We’ve been camping over in Ohio since Friday afternoon. I did bring my computer, but other than after the kids went to bed and before they were up, I haven’t spent much time on it. Right now the girl is up, but she’s writing in her notepad. Have I ever mentioned how much she takes after me? πŸ˜‰

Did get some words written on a little bonus scene for Flames of Renewal. I wrote it from James’ POV for in the story. But, I wanted to rewrite it from both Adrian & Kayla’s. Last night I was really glad we had the cabin. My dad and stepmom had just started a campfire at their RV site when it started to rain. We made it back to the cabin just before it really started to rain. It sounded like it was coming down pretty hard with some thunder and lightning as well. Glad we weren’t in a tent at least. Plus there was a coffee maker in the cabin, so I didn’t have to wait for my dad to get up to have my coffee(since I’m usually awake around 4 and he doesn’t get up until 6-7).


I did finish my goal for Camp NaNoWriMo this weekend…from an actual cabin. πŸ™‚ Over 61k in less than a month. That finished one WiP(Stained by Ashes) and got me most of the way through Flames of Renewal. I’m on the climax so only a few more scenes left. And it’s not quite to 60k yet. I do tend to add more during revisions, so it will probably end up longer than that before anyone actually reads it.

We’ve gone swimming twice, spent a good bit of time at the playground, and even went to a festival at a nearby park. They had a lot of craft booths, Civil War & Native American reenactors(two of my big areas of interest) and food, of course. It’s been a pretty good time, but I will be glad to get home this afternoon and to my normal routine.

  • Flames of Renewal – Get to 56000 words – Made this one. About 450 past this. That doesn’t count the two bonus scenes I’ve written.
  • Flames of Redemption – I’d like to say to do all edits on this. But, that might be pushing things. So, I think I want to get through Ch 16 at least(which would be halfway). – I did make it through Ch 16 by Friday.
  • Flames of Retribution – Character Work – done. Will start working through plot points and such this week.
  • Rick & Leann – 500 words – I had this done by Tuesday, I think.
  • Read: Chasing Shadow(Tia Bach) & Because of You(Jessica Scott) – I enjoyed Chasing Shadows, and really like Because of You. I was also listening to The Bone Season(Samantha Shannon) and finished reading it this weekend(I like being able to switch between the two)
  • Crochet: Round Basket – I only finished one out of the three sizes. My yarn got all tangled up trying to do the second one, and I got frustrated. So, I’m not sure I’ll bother with the others.

Next week’s goals:

  • Flames of Renewal – Finish 1st draft
  • Flames of Redemption – Finish edits
  • Flames of Retribution – Finish plotting
  • Rick & Leann – 500 words
  • Read: Because of You(Jessica Scott) & Finding Perfect(Susan Mallery)
  • Knit: Leaf Lace Washcloth

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Rowing Through Camp" (9)

  1. Aw, how cute that your little girl writes too! Writing in a cabin whilst there’s a thunderstorm outside sounds so perfect!

    And congrats on the NaNo goal!

  2. kathils said:

    I love the sound of rain on a tent. πŸ™‚ Storms in a tent…not so much. Sounds like your goals are going super well.

  3. Yay for awesome progress! I wish I was with you camping. I love camping and it sounds like a great place to be! I wouldn’t be making any progress when out there though, so good on you!

  4. My camping weekend was not a writing weekend, other than a few pages of handwritten notes. I did do some rereading, and move forward on a beta reading, and managed to get one blog post up and two more started…but no new words.

    I was hoping for a surge this weekend, since we had no plans away from home – but, instead, I got food poisoning, and spent the weekend in a blur of ickiness…

    I’m on the getting better side of things now, and reading updates like yours makes me happy. Hooray for cabins and coffeepots when you need them!

    • I think I got more handwritten than I did typed, and that’s ok too. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot.

      Sorry you were sick but glad you’re feeling better.

      • I know what you mean. I expected little, during the trip. But lots of ideas got born, and that’s something!

        I’m getting better. I think I’ve still got a little way to go, but I am on the mend, and that’s a relief!

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