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I’ve spent most of this week working on the next day’s goals. Because I’d gotten ahead on that day’s. In fact, I’m typing this up Friday afternoon because I’ve finished pretty much everything else for the week. Also, I won’t have much time over the weekend. Between working at the track Saturday afternoon/evening(this was cancelled due to all the rain we got yesterday)and family reunion Sunday, won’t be home too much. So, I am glad I got everything done during the week.

  • Flames of Renewal – get WiP to 41500 words – done. I actually wrote over 5k on Wednesday. It almost felt like the words were spilling out faster than I could catch them. Friday they felt like more of a trickle.
  • Flames of Redemption – Go through CP’s comments & make notes – done. I hope to start revisions on Monday.
  • Stained Blood – finish plotting – done. I don’t know when I’ll get to writing this one. Barrett is charming, but rather laidback. So, he’s not talking as loud as certain other characters. 😉
  • Flames of Retribution – brainstorm – I put down some plot and character ideas on paper. Will start doing more character work next week.
  • Rick & Leann – 500 words – 455 words, but it’s now just over 7800 words. I, uh, don’t know how much longer it will be. Actually thought I’d keep this one under 7500 words.
  • Read: Flat-Out Love(Jessica Park) & Empath(Becca Campbell) – Really enjoyed Flat-Out love. Finished Empath Friday afternoon. Really liked it
  • Knit: Basic Newborn Hat – done. I didn’t have quite enough of the yarn I was using to finish it, but found another one I had that was a close color scheme to do the top of the hat. 101_6172

I have a planned camping trip with my dad and stepmom next weekend, so this will be another week of hopefully getting things done early. Also thinking about started the prequel to The Choice in a notebook instead of taking computer with me. This may be more of something I work on between other projects.

  • Flames of Renewal – Get to 56000 words
  • Flames of Redemption – I’d like to say to do all edits on this. But, that might be pushing things. So, I think I want to get through Ch 16 at least(which would be halfway).
  • Flames of Retribution – Character Work
  • Rick & Leann – 500 words
  • Read: Chasing Shadow(Tia Bach) & Because of You(Jessica Scott)
  • Crochet: Round Basket

Also: Getting CP’s MS back to her with comments(and try not to be too flaily) & start that prequel.



Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Holy Productive" (2)

  1. Oh my stars, look at what you’ve accomplished! You’re making my head spin! 🙂

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