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Another good start to the week. Have written almost 10k between 3 different projects. Halfway through the summer and I seem to finally be falling into my routine. I guess it’s about time. 😉 Saturday night, I was working at the track. I take ticket stubs at the gate to the pits. There’s a period of about 3 hours or so in the middle of my shift where people are steadily coming through. Other than that, it tends to be slow. So, this is the time I spend pacing and thinking plotty thoughts. I sent some of these to my CP when I was done with work(and getting to sit in a tow truck in the middle of the track. interesting experience). Two different stories, neither of which I was planning on working on next. But, since Mark just won’t stop yelling at me, it looks like his story will be written next. I do have to finish the one I’m working on first though, since these are in the same series. Doren is a bit of a softer-speaker even though he’s constantly hanging around. So, his story can at least wait until Mark’s is finished.

I never thought fictional characters could be so demanding. 🙂

For today, I have 26(16-7+2+14+1 bonus line) paragraphs-mostly dialogue. Since Mark has been on my mind lately, here’s a scene where he shows up. If you have been following my WiPPets for any length of time, you may remember Mark from this one. I know most people didn’t like him back then.

He stopped near the tree. “Mark. You’re not on shift today?”
The man turned his head away from the group. “Nope. Tomorrow.” He had sunglasses pulled down over his eyes, so James couldn’t see them. But, there was a tightness to his jaw. “Sorry about what happened here, Brooke. Some of the other guys plan to show up too if you need the help.”
He was nearly overwhelmed by emotion. He should have known he didn’t only have to count on his own family. There was the fire family too. He’d always be a part of it even though he wasn’t actively fighting fires now. “Thanks, Mark. I appreciate it.”
“Whoever did this is the lowliest sort of scum. Desecrating graves. It’s despicable. I’d like to-”
“Might want to watch what threats you make, Young,” a voice said from behind them. “There’s lots of cops present here.”
James turned and saw Adrian walking toward them, an arm around Kayla’s waist. “Your whole family show up to help, Adrian?” He asked.
Kayla snorted. “This? I don’t think that’s even half of them.”
“And you didn’t even meet Mom’s side yet.”
“There’s more?” She groaned.
He laughed and bent down to kiss her. “Don’t worry. It’s smaller.”
“That’s not saying much. You have thirteen freaking cousins.”
He chuckled. “You’re still stuck on that?”
“I don’t have any. Except,” she added, glancing over at James.
“It’s okay,” he said. “You didn’t know him.”
Mark stepped forward and stuck his hand out. “Riley.”
“Young,” Adrian responded in the same tone. But, he took his hand.
Mark turned to Kayla, and surprisingly, James saw his jaw loosen. “Brooke.”
And she smiled at him. “Hey, Mark.”
“Uh, the guys at the station miss you. You haven’t stopped by for a while.”
She grinned. “Only the other guys, huh?”
He scratched at the back of his neck. “What would I miss about you? We got a new rookie anyway. I can rag on her.”
Her eyes went wide, but James was sure it was feigned. “They brought someone in to replace me?”
“Never gonna happen.”
She grinned. “I think that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me, Mark.”
James noticed the firefighter’s face flush slightly then he pulled his sunglasses off and winked at her. “I’d say sweeter, but your man might punch me. Or arrest me.”
“I wouldn’t bother,” Adrian said. “I’d just let her kick your ass.”

I also rewrote this scene from Mark’s and another character’s(who’s not in this part but does bounce in a few paragraphs later) POVs. I’m considering it backstory work for the next story. 🙂 You can add your WiPPet or go read the others here.

And for my goals for this week so far:

  • Flames of Renewal – get WiP to 41500 words – up to just over 34000 right now. Which is right on track for my daily goals.
  • Flames of Redemption – Go through CP’s comments & make notes – I’m through Ch 20 in transcribing notes into scrivener. Hoping to have this done by Friday and actually start edits next week.
  • Stained Blood – finish plotting finished this morning actually. I only have the main points outlined, since I figure I usually fill things in as I go even when I do a more thorough outline.
  • Flames of Retribution – brainstorming – other than the bit I wrote yesterday, haven’t started this yet. I’ll probably start today or tomorrow.
  • Rick & Leann – 500 words – 302 words so far. Right on track.
  • Read: Flat-Out Love(Jessica Park) & Empath(Becca Campbell) – finished Flat-Out Love on Monday. Really enjoyed it. Haven’t started Empath yet.
  • Knit: Basic Newborn Hat – I’m almost finished with this. Just have to do the decreases for the top of the hat.

Here’s hoping everyone’s week is going good as well. I’ll be working at the track again this weekend, which will probably mean more in-my-head brainstorming.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Demanding characters" (13)

  1. Ha! That last line. I love it!

  2. I’m glad you had time to brainstorm in your head. Hope you remember what you came up with for later, though I doubt you were blessed with a brain like a sieve like I was… 🙂

  3. always love a strong woman!

  4. I love the gigantic family! Both Beloved and I come from families that are divided into clans and each of us has innumerable cousins.

    I had a little trouble following the who’s who and the dialogue. It’s probably because I have limited context, but I think a few extra tags might help a little. 🙂

    • Thanks. It’s a bit of a shock to Kayla since she has a small family(parents, 1 brother, uncle, & grandparents & an aunt and cousin she never knew).

      I’ll make a note of the tag issue. It’s easy to forget that just because I can see who is talking, since they’re in my head, doesn’t mean everyone else will. 🙂

  5. kathils said:

    Gigantic families can be a blessing sometimes. That last line…I love it. Great place to cut the excerpt off. I’m with ReGi on the dialogue though. I got a little confused as to who was saying what in that middle section. Otherwise it flows very well.

    Sounds like your goals are going rather well. 🙂

    • yes, it just freaks Kayla a bit since she’s used to the opposite. 🙂 One of his cousins will have a big part in the next story.

      Thanks. They are going very good.

  6. Another voice to the “hard to follow who’s speaking at points” comments… Did love the way the interplay flowed though. What I could follow felt very real (especially when I’ve been in similar situations.

    A cheer for quiet moments to sit and think. 😀

  7. […] Flames of Renewal, so I decided to share a bit from a kind of bonus scene I wrote. It’s from this scene that I shared a couple weeks ago. Only it’s something that James didn’t see happen and […]

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