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Monday Mentions:

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these posts, I think. And this one is pretty late in the day for me. Which is probably part of why I haven’t posted on Mondays. By the time I get to this, it’s later in the afternoon, and then I figure, “what’s the point.” Or I’m lazy in the afternoon. Yeah, it could be that. 😉

Anyway, the first post is from The Story Monger. On when it’s okay for smart characters to do dumb things. I saw the title and wanted to read this because it kind of fits my one character from Flames of Redemption. Kayla is smart. She’s strong and brave, a firefighter. Yet, she does some not very smart things. She doesn’t really think of them as dumb decisions. At least not until she’s in the thick of it. She’s more impulsive than stupid.  And her uncle/mentor points this out to her.

James sighed. “You have this tendency, Kayla, to be reckless. For making decisions without thinking them through first. Do you know what they call a firefighter that makes impulsive, reckless decisions.”
“What?” She asked. Her mouth felt dry, like she had just walked through a fire.

And this post from L.S. Engler on A Case for Mediocre Fiction. Which sounds really weird, right? But, I’ll be among the first to admit, my stories aren’t a masterpiece. I’m okay with that. I don’t use fancy writing, they aren’t literary works of art. But, I like to tell stories. I like to tell stories about people who may have been damaged but can still find their happy ending. And I hope they entertain people. That’s what I want when I read too. Hopefully a few entertaining hours, or days. But, as most people who know me know, it’s usually the former. I devour books. And those “Literary works of art”, yeah, they usually bore me.

And the last for this week is by Kerry Schafer on The Writer Qualification Checklist. Turns out someone thinks you can’t be attractive and a writer. I, uh, never knew being ugly was a qualification. While I wouldn’t say I’d perfectly qualify, I definitely don’t think I’m automatically disqualified. But, really? Aren’t there more important qualifications here? Like, telling an interest story? Being able to dig deep into the emotions of people who only exist in the imagination? And being able to bring those emotions out in your reader. Honestly, I think that’s more important than how you look.



Comments on: "Monday Mentions:" (1)

  1. No one’s ever asked me to be a fashion model- but people don’t usually back away shielding their eyes from me, either.

    Thankfully, my writing is more important to me than other people’s ideas about whether I’m aesthetically qualified to write.=)

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