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I’ve been thinking of how to tackle my goals this week. I’ve tried a lot of different things, working on only one thing/working on everything, and I can never seem to settle on one method. I have a whole spreadsheet(okay, three since i have the series on different ones), and it feels like I’ll never have time to get to all of them. So, I’m thinking of going back to the method that seemed to work best for me: working on 3 projects at once. That may seem like a lot, but each will be in a different stage of completion. I’ll have one that I’m plotting, one I’m drafting, and another to revise. I’m not really sure why I stopped doing things this way, since it did seem to work on me. I can get the drafting done first thing in the morning. It’s easier for me to plot & edit later in the day than it is to write. So, that is my plan for now. Knowing me, it may change. 😉

  • Stained by Ashes – 26k – not quite there. At 25015 words for right now. I should have used the time while the kids were with MIL at the hot air balloon festival yesterday to get ahead, but I tried to catch up on knitting instead.
  • Rick & Leann – 500 words this wasn’t too difficult to reach. Still, I think I’ll keep this goal low.
  • Read: Risk the Fall(Steph Campbell), Shadow & Bone & Siege & Storm(Leigh Bardugo) – finished Shadow and Bone yesterday and got halfway through Siege and Storm. I was afraid the re-reads would go slow since I know what happens. But, I’ve found myself dragged right back into it. I didn’t want to finish it until tomorrow so there’s not much of a break before starting Ruin & Rising, but that may not happen.
  • Knit: Fair Isle Scarf – the rows for this are knitted on the long side of the scarf. So, each row is taking me almost an hour to finish, especially with the color work & having to keep switching colors and carrying the ones along the row. It’s a bit of a PITA. Not even quite halfway finished with it. Taking a lot longer than I figured. Hoping to get it done next week though. We’ll see.

Now, for my reworked goals for next week:

  • Stained by Ashes – 40k
  • Brian’s Story(brainstorming titles) – Character work
  • The Choice – 10 scenes revised
  • Rick & Leann – 500 words
  • Read: Siege and Storm & Ruin and Rising
  • Knit: Fair Isle Scarf


Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Power of Three" (2)

  1. Go for what works! At one point, I was working on seven different projects at once. One or two of them started to shine over the others, I rode the momentum to work on those, and now I’m knocking out some of the goals left and right. Everyone’s different, and the muse is so freakin’ fickle. So I’m all for embracing multiple projects if that feels right.

    • Yeah, I think I’m still trying to figure out what works best for me. This seemed to be it before though, so I’m hoping it still is. 🙂

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