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I mentioned on Sunday that my goals for the week may have been too much. I was right. Monday I barely got to my goal for my main project. Then, that night the power went out. Apparently there were some wires down somewhere(it affected a couple towns, not just us). It came back within the hour, but our internet remained out until yesterday afternoon. My MIL is on vacation this week, and she wanted to take the kids(and me) to lunch and to the parks in town. So, we were gone for about 4 hours. Our internet was back when we got back. Of course, it was too late for nap time by then. But, I did manage to get over 1k written after kids went to bed. So, it ended up not too bad even though I haven’t met my daily target yet this week.

I’ll get to my detailed progress, and my changed goals, but first a WiPPet snippet. WiPPet, hosted by K.L Schwengel each Wednesday. Today’s snippet comes at the end of the same scene I shared from last week. 14 mostly short paragraphs today. Could go with simple(14 for the year) or complicated(6+11+2-1-4=14) math for today.

“Yes, Father.”
She was surprised no one else heard the tension in his voice. But, it appeared to only be her as the other two men started across the street. “It wasn’t my idea for you to stay with me. I don’t care if you go off to do what you want.”
He shook his head after a moment. “It’s better if I just stay with you.” He pushed his hat back on his head and smiled at her. “Can’t leave you for these heathens after all.”
“Heathens?” She scoffed. “Now, you sound like Pa.”
“Please, Leah. I suffer enough insults from Louis.” He jumped down from the wagon and held out a hand to her. Once her feet were on the ground, he gave a little bow. “Where to first, Milady?”
The corners of her mouth tugged up into a smile. She was about to respond when she was distracted by the rattle of chains. Turning her head, she saw a wagon coming down the street, with just one man on the seat. He was older, and she could remember seeing him around town before even though she couldn’t recall his name now. It was the man riding on horseback beside him that really caught her attention.
He rode tall in the saddle, his eyes trained forward. She couldn’t make out many of his features from this distance, but she had the urge to move closer to him. Barrett rested his hand on her shoulder before she could.
“Stay away from that one, Sister. Father would never let that match happen.”
“Why not? He’s been so desperate for me to marry.”
He nodded at the men as they passed. “Not only is he Patrick Bailey’s newest ranch hand, he’s a half breed. He’d never let it happen.”
His words had her stomach dropping even though her mind didn’t quite want to process them. “Halfbreed? What-?”
“He has family at the Wind River Reservation. Father will not allow it, you have to know that.”
“That’s the third time you’ve said that, like you think I actually have an interest in him.”
“I’m not blind, Sister. Come on. Where do you want to go first?”

Check out the other WiPPeteers here or feel free to join us!

Now for my ROW80 progress. I’ll cross off, in red, the goals that I’m setting aside for right now. While I probably could work on all of them at once, I don’t think it’s the best use of my time. So, I’m going to simplify again(or try to). Just focusing on Stained by Ashes & the short story as far as the writing goes.

  • Stained by Ashes – 26k by next weekend – currently 18410. 3759 words so far this week. Hoping to hit 20k today which will put me back on track for this.
  • Healing the Heart – Revise through chapter 10
  • Flames of Renewal – Write 5 scenes
  • Brian’s Story – character bios
  • Rick & Leann – 500 words – I’ve only written on this today, but I got 231 words. If I reach my goal for SbA, I’ll get caught up on this too.
  • Read: No Regrets Trilogy set(Lauren Blakely) – I actually finished this on Sunday. Then, I started the Risk the Fall set by Steph Campbell. I’ve finished 1/4 of them. Then, I start my reread of the Grisha Trilogy(Leigh Bardugo) before #3 comes out next week.
  • Knit: Schooner Hat – still don’t have the yarn for this. So, I started knitting a Fair Isle Scarf instead. Not too far on it yet.

The week hasn’t been so bad. The problem is that I set too high of goals for myself, and beat myself up when I don’t reach them.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Falling Behind" (16)

  1. Well, that was interesting. I definitely don’t long for the days when fathers had that kind of control over their daughters. I think I want to know more about this mysterious ranch hand.

  2. I’m interested to see where your WIP is heading. Seems like you’ve set up some good tension in this excerpt. 🙂

    I’ve had to revise my goals somewhat for this round, too. That’s a great aspect of ROW80–we can set our own pace and make changes if we need to. Happy writing, Fallon!

  3. kathils said:

    Of course I have no interest in the ranch hand…just because I noticed the way he sits his horse, and feel some sort of draw toward him…*ahem* Nope, no interest at all. Hee, hee.

  4. I have been there too. I start out with lofty intentions and then feel horrible when I don’t hot them. Don’t feel too disheartened. Keep trying. Make smaller goals. It’s what I tell myself lately, tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, a blank slate (taken from several sources and refined into that little bit).

    Love the WIP bit, BTW! Have a better week! ~hugs~

  5. Setting up quite the conflict here… I like the way Leah tries to deny her interest.

    Sorry to hear about the twists and turns your goals have been making, but at least it does sound like you’re picking back up the pace again with renewed focus. May you have fewer internet free days from now on.

    • Thanks.

      yeah, still trying to work out the summer routine, I think. But, I’m still getting things done, so that’s good.

  6. Great excerpt! Definitely get a feel for time and relationships between the two MC’s in this excerpt. Adding in some sort of conflict just rounds it all out.

  7. Wanting somethings we can’t haves makes it all the more enticing, doesn’t it, preciousss? Mmm, yesss, it does, it does! What is this half-breed, precious? Gollum! Gollum! We wants the half-breed precious. Yes, we do 🙂

    Don’t blame me, I had to have some fun. Loved the excerpt! 🙂

  8. Really nice excerpt. That tension boils, even if Barrett is totally (???) unaware of Leah. And you did make progress — even to posting WIPpet, which is not so very easy to do every week. Your list may look short, but each of those writing goals looks like full immersion to me. Where’s that yarn???

    • Thanks. Barrett is Leah’s brother and definitely sees the way she’s looking at the other guy(Adam).

      It was decent progress, and I realize that. I just hate when I can’t meet all my goals. Trying to work out a way to get more stuff done without overwhelming myself. Thinking about going back to my process of having 1 plotting, 1 drafting, & 1 editing.

      The yarn’s still at the store. Just not the store we stopped at on the way home from my niece’s birthday party last Sunday. 🙂

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