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A Special Request

I’m skipping my usual Monday Mentions post today. This isn’t something I usually do or bring to this blog. But, it is weighing on my heart right now.

My daughter’s first year in K-4, there was this little boy in her class, Ian. She was always talking about him(pretty amazing, since she hardly interacted with the other kids that year). We held her back for another year, but he went on to Kindergarten. But, his family goes to our church. Well, right now, Ian is very sick.

Last Sunday(6/1), we just knew he was sick and wasn’t doing too well. Found out last night(we didn’t go to church), that he is in the Children’s Hospital in the cardiac ICU. Big change from what I figured was something like the flu.

Apparently, he had a strep infection that migrated to his heart. He had been making improvements over the weekend but had a setback yesterday afternoon. His heart had a series of events after lunch, starting with tachycardia. He arrested, but they were able to bring him back and convert his heart back to a normal rhythm rather quickly.

But, they’re afraid his heart will repeat this. So, they are “giving his heart a vacation” and have put him on a bypass machine. It will pump and oxygenate his blood, so his heart is still beating but not carrying the burden of circulation. He’s stabilized right now on this machine and a ventilator, and they think this is his best option to heal.

No seven-year-old should have to be going through this. His parents shouldn’t have to be watching him fight for his life. My heart aches for them.

I know everyone isn’t religious, but even if you don’t pray, if you could keep this family in your thoughts. No amount of good thoughts, prayers, whatever you believe, is too little.


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  1. That’s heartbreaking. How terrifying for that family. I’ll keep them in my prayers. ❤

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