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So, technically, there’s a little more than two more weeks until summer gets here. But, it’s been in the 70s-80s lately, which for here is pretty warm. I don’t mind the 70s. When, it gets up into the 80s, I don’t care for it so much. But, obviously we can’t control the weather. Or can we?(sorry, had an evil villain moment. lol). The girl is done with school tomorrow. Not even a full day of school, so she’ll be home by lunch time. This means I’ll have to make adjustments to my writing routine. I’ve already started to kind of doing that by taking my notebook outside when the boy plays. I prefer to just type, but I’ve tried taking the computer out and just can’t focus on it. Plus, the boy likes to ride his bike in the driveway, and I can’t watch him from the picnic table behind the garage. But, I can set a chair up at the edge of the sidewalk and have my notebook in my lap and still keep an eye on him. And, it’s easier to set down. He doesn’t even need my help with riding his bike. It took him all of one day to figure it out. He’s even tried riding his sister’s bigger bike(and not doing too bad with it).

I may have to readjust my goals and routine as the summer goes on. But, for the rest of the round they’ll stay the same. I’ll have my progress on this week’s goals a little later. But, first a new WiPPet. This snippet is from Stained by Ashes, my JuNoWriMo project and follow-up to Stained Snow. I was going to share a bit from the very beginning. But, that gives a bit of a spoiler of the end of Stained Snow. So, I considered sharing the first part of the scene introducing the heroine. But, I also wanted to share the end of the scene, where she first meets Adam. So many bits I’d like to share, and I’m only a little over 7k into it yet. Finally decided on the beginning of Leah’s scene. 11 paragraphs of mostly dialogue(6+4-2+0-1+4=11)

Leah Kline held on to the horse’s bridle. She knew who she needed to deal with to get her way. “Come on, Barrett. I’m so tired of being stuck out here. I just want to go into town. It’s not like I’m going to listen in on your precious meeting.”
“I don’t have a problem with you going into town, Leah,” Barrett said as he tightened a harness strap. “But, I know Pa already told you no. Do you really think I want to go up against him? Especially when Louis will just back him up.”
“You can convince him, Bare. You’ve always been able to charm him.”
Barrett snorted at that. “You’re the one that has him wrapped around your finger, Sister, not me. If you can’t convince him, I won’t.”
Leah sighed and leaned her head against the horse’s neck. “He doesn’t want to listen to me. The only thing he cares about is this fight with those farmers.”
“He’s trying to protect all of us, Leah.”
“I know. But, it’s just going to town. Nothing’s going to happen while we’re there. I don’t see why I have to stay here all the time. I’m starting to feel like a prisoner.”
“You are not a prisoner, and you know it.”
She winced at the voice behind her. She hadn’t realized her father was near enough to hear her words. She turned and looked up at him. “Pa.”
He brushed her off and moved to the other side of the wagon. “Get in the wagon if it is so important for you to go.”
The smile spread across her face, and she headed for the back of the wagon. “Told ya,” Barrett said as she passed him.

  • Healing the Heart – Read through & make notes on scenes to add/cut – I finished reading through it Tuesday night. Still need to compile all my notes into the scrivener file.
  • Stained by Ashes – 12k words – 7064 words so far. Want to have 7200 by the end of today, so doing good. I actually started working on this Friday. So my count for JuNoWriMo is a bit lower(ok, about 1800 words lower) than the total count. That’s ok, I’m still hoping to get 50k this month.
  • Flames of Renewal – Read through what I wrote in February(about 10k words, I think) – haven’t started this yet
  • Brian’s Story – brainstorm – haven’t started on this yet either.
  • Rick & Leann – 500 words – 317 words so far.
  • Read: Gypsy(Trisha Leigh), Swords & Salt Collection(Lindsay Buroker), & Against All Odds(Angie McKeon) – Finished reading Gypsy Monday night. Really enjoyed it. Have just barely started the first story in the Swords & Salt collection.
  • Knit: Schooner HatI didn’t have the right yarn for this, so decided to work on crocheting the “Easiest Headwrap Ever” instead. – I have the headband and flower for it finished. Just have to sew a button onto the band and attach the flower, and it will be finished.

Pretty good start to the week? How is everyone else doing? Does a change to the seasons bring a change to your routine? Or are you freer with that than me? When I try to just go without a schedule or routine, nothing gets done.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Almost Summer" (18)

  1. kathils said:

    I’m with you on the temps. Keep it in the 60-70 range and I’m a happy camper. 80 on up…no thanks.

    Nice interaction between the characters here. I like the ‘told you so’ at the end, too. Very revealing as to the relationship between them.

    • I’m glad I’m not alone there. Mostly I hear I shouldn’t complain after the winter we had. Didn’t realize I couldn’t prefer somewhere in the middle. :p


  2. I try to write outside in the spring, summer, and fall, but if many days during the summer, it’s uncomfortably hot unless I take my notebook or laptop outside first thing in the morning. The weather here has been normal for this time of year–low to mid 80s with a few pop-up thunderstorms to break up the sunshine. I’m always tempted to spend more time outdoors in the summer, so I’m trying to integrate that time into writing time.

    Nice snippet with good, natural dialogue. Happy writing!

    • we don’t usually hit much in the 80s until late June or July. And we don’t have much shade outside, so that doesn’t help. My little corner of the sidewalk gets shade from the house in the afternoon, which is nice.


  3. Ha! I love that interaction. Ah, the joys of siblings. 🙂

    I could happily live in 80+ weather all the time. 70s are nice, but not warm enough for my taste.

    • Thanks! I’m already liking Barrett(even if he seems to be trying to take over the story). definitely more than her other brother.

  4. A little petulant, isn’t she? So now I’m wondering, will going to town turn out to be a mistake? Or is there a handsome fellow there? Or just a new shipment of pretty dress fabric? (And am I picturing this in the right century?)

  5. Some intense family dynamics going on here. Just the way I like it. 🙂

    Not sure where you live, but 80s are pretty much perfect for me. 90s gets to be a bit much and 100s … yuck. I’m from Phoenix and I’ve had my fair share of roasting weather.

    • Thanks, I like it that way too 🙂

      I’m in NW PA, so we’re used to more moderate temperatures. When it gets to 90, I’m not likely to even go outside.

  6. Kat Morrisey said:

    I loved that excerpt of Leah & Barrett! And yep, Barrett will need his own heroine and HEA someday, me thinks. 😉
    I’ve been trying to adjust my schedule too since the weather is nicer and I’ve got some mini trips lined up this month and next (one of them right at the end of Camp NaNo. I am really going to have to get ahead next month to make sure I hit my goal!) I’ve tried a few times to write in my notebook but it’s hard getting back to the ‘pen & paper’ thing. I’m so used to just typing everything. I will work on that more.
    You’ve made some great progress on your goals already and I hope the second half of the week is just as fruitful!

    • Thanks!

      The switch to pen & paper can be difficult. I type so much faster, but it means I’ll still get some writing done while I’m out there.

      Thanks, it has been. 🙂

  7. Another person after my own heart weather-wise (guess that’s why we didn’t end up living closer to the equator).

    Good progress, Fallon. And a nice snippet too. I’m not quite sure how to take their father’s reaction right now, but despite Bare’s playful “told ya”, I’m expecting trouble.

  8. This feels very real. A basically happy, strong-willed family….

    I used to enjoy heat a lot more before I was perimenopausal….now, the 60s and 70s feel much better. I haven’t been outside so much the last week or so…I’m tired. Not sleeping much, and having writing dreams…

    This evening is looking pretty. Think I’ll go outside and weed something, even if just for a moment or two.

    We don’t have school schedules to consider, but the seasons do seem to shape our lives. As spring makes its hesitant approach to summer, I’m cleaning and organizing more, and feeling oddly restless, yet settled.

    Soon now our travel season get underway…and it’s a busier season for homeschool paperwork, as we wrap up one “school year” while preparing for the next.

    My your summer unroll in lovely fashion!

    • Thanks. Strong-willed, yes. Happy? eh…we’ll see. 😉

      I’ve always preferred the cooler temps, but since I was pregnant with the girl, I have an even harder time handling the heat. When it gets up toward the 90s, I’ll start actually feeling sick. By then, we usually have the ac units in the windows, so I try to stay inside.

      Summer’s pretty busy for us. Most weekends we have some family thing or another. birthday parties, picnics, family reunions.

  9. Plugging along myself with writing and blogging and reading and editing. I had planned to have more time to work on a writing new stories, finishing a couple of WIPs, and editing a novel from 2011’s NaNoWriMo. I am producing a community production of “Tarzan” (weird not being on stage, cause I usually am). The plan is still in the works. I shuffled around my goals and am trying harder to get my poetry, and stories published. Can’t keep a good writer or theatre geek down.

    Glad your week is going great! I love to hear such positive progress.

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