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We had some pretty nice weather on Sunday for my niece’s 11th birthday party(still unbalanced by the fact she’s 11. I was in my senior year of high school when she was born). Kids did a lot of playing outside at my sister’s. They especially seemed to like the new trampoline(with netting around it). After we got home, my husband went and got the kids’ bikes down so they could ride them on Monday. I could barely keep the boy inside Monday morning so I could get a few things done. At first, he couldn’t quite figure out the pedaling. He’d use his feet to move the bike forward. By that afternoon, he was getting the hang of it, although he still needed a little help getting started. After that, he could keep it going.


Last year, the girl couldn’t even get her pedals to go around. She could on her brother’s bike, which is smaller. So, I think hers was just too big for her then. On Monday, she could get it going, but she’d stop pedaling right away because it was “going too fast” as soon as it moved a little bit.

I had the kids come in with me at 4 when I made dinner, and the boy was not happy about having to put his bike away. As in having a complete meltdown and screaming whenever we looked at him. By 4:30, he was sleeping in their little recliner in the living room. He woke up about 5, went in his room and went back to sleep. I tried to wake him up for dinner at 5:30, but he didn’t want to. He didn’t wake up until almost 5:30 Tuesday morning. Apparently riding your bike tires you right out(and also explains the massive fit). 🙂

Yesterday morning, the boy got his bike out again. And took right off. Then, he got his sister’s bike out of the garage. And figured out how to pedal it too. He is not fazed by it going “too fast”.  He has always been more physical and active than her, and a lot more daring, so this shouldn’t surprise me. It was raining yesterday afternoon, and he wasn’t happy that he couldn’t get his bike back out. It’s supposed to rain & storm all day today(we got caught in one downpour while waiting for the girl’s bus this morning), so might not be able to get more riding in today either.

Besides watching the boy ride his bike, I’ve been editing Stained Snow, getting it ready to go out to Beta Readers. I’m still looking for a couple if anyone is interested. I’m through most of it, but looking for all my filter/crutch words is taking longer than I expected. Although I’ve found a few on my list I don’t use as much as I used to. Like ‘very’. In most of the chapters, I haven’t found it at all. Still having trouble with ‘just’ though.

Since it’s what I have open, I’m using Stained Snow for today’s WiPPet. Very simple math today. This is near the end. Not giving more set up than that since I don’t want to give too much away.

If he didn’t, his brother would never stop. He wasn’t concerned with bringing him in anymore. That would never happen. He had to stop him, and the only way to do that would be with a bullet.
That thought should bother him more.

I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done this week. Even though I am most of the way through Stained Snow, I don’t have anything to cross off. I didn’t realize quite how motivated seeing those crossed off goals was. Hopefully by Sunday I can have at least a couple crossed off.

  • Stained Snow: Polishing run through & send to beta readers – I’m on chapter 22. Just have to finish this & the epilogue. Also going to rearrange chapters, because I was adding scenes & some chapters are really long. After that, I can send it out.
  • Flames of Redemption: Search & destroy mission & send to CP – haven’t started yet
  • The Choice: Read through & create scene chart – haven’t started yet
  • Short story: 1250 words – wrote 440 words on Monday. Haven’t gotten back to it yet.
  • Crochet: Shark hat – haven’t started yet. Hoping to get to that today.

Obviously I misjudged how long this polishing up would take. Still hoping to get through both of these this week. I may not get done with The Choice, but I’m going to leave it there. I didn’t put it on this week’s list, but I’ve already gotten through 4 of my free books(2 of these were novellas) on my Kindle. Also reading one on my phone because it was free on iTunes, and that’s the only place I have iBooks. And working my way through Chuck Wendig’s 500 Ways to Tell a Better Story.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Riding Bikes" (15)

  1. Oh, man, you little guy reminds me of myself when I was younger. I was constantly on my bike, riding around the farm in the summer (more often than not pretending I was Turtle Wexler). I’ve always liked riding,but haven’t done much because I have to fix the tire on my current bike. I should tend to that soon…

    I’d also be interested in beta-reading Stained Snow if you’d like! Do have you a date by which you would want it read? With my own manuscript out to beta-readers, I’ve been looking for some new projects to hold me over.

    • Thank you! I don’t really have a set time table for it, but I would like to start revisions sometime in July.

      • I can definitely get it to you by then (*knock on wood*). Go ahead and shoot me an email at ellis.engler(at)gmail.com. I prefer using Google Documents right now because I don’t have access to Word at the moment, but I can make do with whatever files you have.

  2. “That thought should bother him more.” Well, that made me shiver.

    I always love this time of year because outdoor play = kids who sleep better. But neither of mine has ever slept *that* much afterward. Your poor tired boy!

    • I just wish it meant they slept later. Doesn’t seem to matter how tired/what time they go to bed, they’re both up by 6 in the morning. Apparently they got my “wake early” genes. 🙂

  3. Yowza! I agree with Amy. That is a creepy little excerpt you’ve got going there. And now, of course. I’m very curious about what led up to this snippet and what comes after. Well played. 🙂

  4. kathils said:

    Ah, stopping a brother with a bullet…jeepers. That’s a powerful, emotionally charged snippet there.

  5. Tense little snippet there, Fallon. Good idea to not give too much lead-in given the tension that packed.

    Nice bike images… The Boodle just started getting the idea of pedaling this Monday too. Something about the weather, perhaps? Did either of your children have a “pedaling backwards” randomly issue… we’ve been having that problem. It’s not that the Boodle fears going fast… he’s really digging it when he gets going, but out of the blue he’ll almost “mis-pedal” and end up braking. Any suggestions?

    I hope your son gets his sunshine and biking weather soon. Not that rain isn’t good in its own way…

    • Thanks.

      They do seem to have issues with that. Although when he actually wants to stop, the boy doesn’t brake. Like he hasn’t figured out pushing back on the pedals makes it stop, even though he’s stopped it that way on accident.

      We’ve gotten some bike riding in every day at least. 🙂

      • Ah! Guess it’s just something to grow int. Seems so long ago since I learned to ride… I couldn’t remember if I’d had any issues of that sort (probably did).


  6. Ooh this is tough stuff, Fallon. I hope he doesn’t have to resort to killing his brother. Nice excerpt. 🙂

  7. like the snippet:) and the descriptions of the bike – can remember I learnt my two wheeler one Sunday afternoon – so excited when I finally got the hang and didn’t wobble anymore – can’t remember the three wheeler – was waaaay too long ago:)

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