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It’s been another productive week, even though the weather’s been temperamental. Monday through Wednesday was hot.

playing baseball

playing baseball

It rained pretty much all day Thursday. Friday was overcast and windy(of course, the day the girl has her field trip to the zoo). The last couple days have made it easier to get things done since we’ve been staying inside(and after getting shoulders sunburned during the first half of the week, I didn’t mind the inside time).

feeding ducks in the neighbor's yard.

feeding ducks in the neighbor’s yard.

Friday I put out a call for beta readers for Stained Snow. I have one lined up now. I wouldn’t mind a couple more at least though. If you’re interested, you can leave me a message here, send me an email at fallonrb@gmail.com or catch me on twitter(@frbrown906).

  • The Choice: Finish round 1 revisions(mostly adding new scenes) finished this Saturday morning. It sits at a little under 71k right now. The first draft came in at a little over 64k.
  • Short Story: write 250 words a day Technically, I didn’t work on this every day. But, I did add over 1250 words to it this week, so I still met my goal.
  • Read: Hate Me, Protecting What’s Theirs(Tessa Bailey), & Multiple Motives(Kassandra Lamb)  I had finished all of these by the midweek check-in. I also read Unveiling You(Samantha Grey) and The Clockwork Giant(Brooke Johnson). Enjoyed both of them. And they were the last ones on my list for this month. So, I decided to move on to my list of free books on the Kindle. I started The Governess Affair(Courtney Milan) on Saturday morning and finished it. I loved this one even though it was short.
  • Crochet: Fierce Little Dragon – finish


  • Knit: Fred the Croc bib – I finished this on Saturday. It took me a little over 6.5 hours over 3 days to finish it. Not too bad. I only have one more crafting project for this month. I’ll probably have it done this week.
Fred the Croc pattern by Elaine Fitzpatrick.

Fred the Croc pattern by Elaine Fitzpatrick.

I also finished plotting Stained by Ashes. I could start working on it this week, but it will probably wait unless I get my other priorities out of the way first. This will be my main project in June though.

  • Stained Snow: Polishing run through & send to beta readers
  • Flames of Redemption: Search & destroy missing & send to CP
  • The Choice: Read through & create scene chart
  • Short story: 1250 words
  • Crochet: Shark hat

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Revisions Done" (12)

  1. Wow, excellent progress!

  2. Love the dragon! Do you have a pattern? I love to crochet – it keeps my fingers busy when I haven’t got fiction going on.

  3. Kat Morrisey said:

    What awesome progress you made! Glad to hear you liked the Governess Affair. Didn’t you just want it to go on forever?! *sighs* I still haven’t finished The Duchess War (the next one in the series), as I’m trying to get through a bunch of my unread ARCs first, but hopefully by the weekend I can get it finished. 🙂 Good luck this week on your goals!!

    • Thanks!

      I really did love it. Especially the trading pins part. oh my! 😀 I added The Duchess War to my to buy list but haven’t bought it yet(so many books!)

  4. Great job on the bib (and your other goals of course).

  5. That dragon is so freaking adorable. Looks so cuddly!

    You’re super productive as always and seem to be doing great. I hope things keep going well for you. 🙂

  6. Cute dragon! 🙂

    Sounds like your goals are coming along nicely. Good luck!

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