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It’s been a productive week already. On Monday, I checked off all that day’s to-do list items & at least half of Tuesday’s. And even though we ended up spending about 4 hours outside yesterday, I got the rest of the day’s and a few of today’s checked off. It’s nice starting the day a little ahead of schedule.

Before I get to this week’s progress on my goals, a little WiPPet snippet. Like I said last week, Flames of Redemption has been set aside. I need to do another read through of it before I send it to my CP, but for now I’m back to working on my contemporary romance, The Choice. I think this is the first novel I’ve managed to write that had no death/stalking/major physical trauma. I wasn’t sure I could manage it since most of what I write usually has at least a suspense subplot. Anyway, today is 5/14 so 14 paragraphs(mostly shorter) from Chapter 5. I may end up changing Mason’s dad’s name since I realized I have a James in 3 different series, actually 4 but that one only shows up once or twice.

Mason had a sick feeling in his stomach as he headed in to the house. And he knew it wasn’t from the alcohol he’d consumed well into the night. Or not just from it. His father hadn’t come out to help with the morning chores. That was usually not a good sign. He may be late, he did sometimes have trouble getting started in the morning, but he almost always showed up.
He stepped into the house, thinking the worst. That his father hadn’t gotten out of bed, that he hadn’t even woken up. But, then he was sitting at the kitchen table, a coffee mug by his hand, and the newspaper in front of him. Just like any other morning. But by the lines around his face and mouth, the ones that showed his strain, he knew it hadn’t been a good morning.
He accepted a cup of coffee from his mother before sitting at the table. “You okay, Dad?”
“I’m thinking about selling.”
Mason was sure his jaw dropped at the statement. He didn’t have to ask what his father planned to sell. It had been discussed before, at length. The farm.
“You can’t do that, Dad. This place is our life.”
But, James shook his head. “We can’t support it. It barely supports itself. I can’t keep being a burden. You’re young, Mason. You can make another life. With the profit we make, maybe we can afford to get me fixed.”
“You’re not broken.” Mason was sure the words would have come out as a shout. They were barely above a whisper. “You’re just having a bad day.”
“I’m a burden. I have been for years now.”
“James Akeley,” Mary’s voice was soft but firm as she moved over to put her hand on his shoulder. “Don’t you dare say such things. You have never been a burden to me. Or to your son.”
Even Mason realized that word was singular. His mother had always defended Kyle. Until he hadn’t even acknowledged his father’s accident.
“Damn it, Mary.” The words weren’t angry, but Mason could hear the defeat in them. “I can’t help around here. Mason has been doing both of our work since he was twenty. What kind of life is that for him? I can’t do it anymore.”
Mason felt panic start to flutter in his chest. He knew he just meant dealing with the farm. But, he couldn’t help but think there could be another meaning under the words. “Dad, the farm’s the only life I’ve ever wanted. You can’t do this. We’ll turn things around.”
“You were ready to walk away from it seven years ago.”


  • The Choice: Finish round 1 revisions(mostly adding new scenes) – have 3/5 new scenes added. Plus I have some details that I need to firm up & fix inconsistencies.
  • Short Story: write 250 words a day – I have worked on this every day. And have a little over 1000 words added this week.
  • Read: Hate Me, Protecting What’s Theirs(Tessa Bailey), & Multiple Motives(Kassandra Lamb) I finished all three of these by last night. Protecting What’s Theirs was just a novella, so it was a quick read. Now, I’m reading Unveiling You(Samantha Grey). Only 16% through so far but enjoying it.
  • Crochet: Fierce Little Dragon – finish – almost. I have all the pieces done. Just need to sew them all together.
  • Knit: Fred the Croc bib – will start this when I finish the dragon.

I’ve also been plotting the sequel(of follow-up , maybe, since they aren’t the same main characters) to Stained Snow. I’ve filled out character worksheets(for flaws, goals, and attributes), beat sheet, and am working on the scene chart today. I’m planning on working on this for JuNoWriMo, but I may be able to actually start before June. Current working title is Stained by Ashes. This may change, but I wanted to stick with the Stained theme for the titles for this series.

I’m hoping to have this round of revisions finished for The Choice this week. Then, I’ll be moving on to polishing up Stained Snow & Flames of Redemption to their respective readers. Still, need to line up some beta readers for Stained Snow though. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Moving Along" (16)

  1. Ooh, there’s some interesting family dynamics there.

  2. Kat Morrisey said:

    I like that snippet. 😀 Also, the title, Stained in Ashes? That sounds so good! (I on the other hand, suck at titles. I still can’t figure out a final one for Sam’s story. LOL.) It’s fantastic how much progress you’ve made on it already. Congrats on all your progress with the to-do list/goal and see you at the sprint today! (If I’m not napping, that is)

    • Thanks! I had temporarily called it Scorched Earth then decided I wanted to stick with Stained titles for the series(maybe. There’s going to be 3 or 4, I think). Of course, that can all change. Since Slow Revenge became Duty to Protect shortly before I published. 🙂

  3. I agree with Amy. Interesting family dynamics. =P

  4. Aww… I feel for both the men in this excerpt. It’s terrible to be unable to do the work you could once do, like the dad, but I can also see Mason’s side of it.

  5. kathils said:

    Great bit to show us how the family connects…or doesn’t. I can feel for both the dad and Mason. I do have to say though, the mother and the paragraph where she comes over to James whacked me in the head with the big stick of cliche. It also threw the Waltons in for good measure.

  6. Lovely excerpt Fallon. I like how you convey the despair of the father and the shock that Mason feels at hearing his father wants to sell the farm. It seems desperately sad, but hopefully this isn’t the end of the family’s life at the farm…

  7. The emotional tension here was sky-high… though, like Kathi, I noticed the mother’s entrance with some “what? where’d she come from?” (granted, we don’t know the whole backdrop of the scene or Mason’s experiences with his family well enough to know what he’d be expecting)…

    Glad to see you’re in for JuNoWriMo, Fallon. It was a lot of fun working on sprints with you last year. Your energy is contagious.

    • I guess she did just kind of appear out of the middle of nowhere. I knew she was in the room so didn’t think about it. 🙂

      I’m looking forward to it.

  8. Wow, although you mention that the Choice has no suspense subplot, that snippet you shared has definitely captured my intrigue and attention. Good luck with the rest of the story, it’s sounds really good so far.

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