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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and those who have stood in for that position. Hope you all had a wonderful day. We went to church this morning and to my MiL’s while we waited for my husband to finish his motorcycle class and take his test. Then, we went for a late lunch and did a little shopping. I picked out some new yarn and a new book(Celebrity in Death by JD Robb) even though my daughter said it doesn’t count as a gift since I picked it out myself. 🙂 Came home and spent some time outside. And we got the first bloody knee of the season. How I’ve measured seasons has definitely changed since having kids, especially a boy(my girl has never gotten as many cuts/bruises/scrapes as he has).

I got quite a bit done this week despite it being quite a book binge week. I read 10 books this week. 3 of them were short stories. And 1-2 of them were more like novella length. But, it was still a lot of reading. I’m halfway through another book and only have 4 more on my planned list for this month. So, I may try working through some of the free books I have on my kindle.

  • Finish Flames of Redemption revisions(should be finished today – I did finish these on Wednesday. It’s over 90k at the moment. Want to go through it again before I send it off to CP. 
  • Stained Snow: Revisions finished these on Friday. Want to do a search and destroy through this and get beta readers lined up.
  • The Choice: Research had some trouble finding just what I was looking for here. But, I think I finally figured it out. I’ll be getting back to this before I do those final rounds on the other two.
  • Short Story: work 1/2 hr every day – I’ve worked on this some this week, but not every day. Only 564 words on it so far.
  • Read: Blood and Betrayal(Lindsay Buroker) and Shadows Over Innocence(a short story prequel to the Emperor’s Edge series) finished both of these and even read the novella Beneath the Surface(book 5.5) and another short story in the series, The Assassin’s Curse. Yeah, it’s been a book binge week. Also read Night After Night(Lauren Blakely), My Heart For Yours(Steph Campbell & Jolene Perry), and Master of the Island(Lauren Hawkeye). A little more than halfway through Hate Me(Jillian Dodd) right now. 
  • Crochet: Fierce Little Dragon – finish – close but not quite there. I still need to do one wing and the ears. Then, sew it all together.

Goals for next week:

  • The Choice: Finish round 1 revisions(mostly adding new scenes)
  • Short Story: write 250 words a day
  • Read: Hate Me, Protecting What’s Theirs(Tessa Bailey), & Multiple Motives(Kassandra Lamb)
  • Crochet: Fierce Little Dragon – finish
  • Knit: Fred the Croc bib

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