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I actually have 460 songs on my playlist for this novel, so I won’t be sharing all of them. 😉 Really it’s more of a master playlist for the series, but I’ve been starting separate ones for the others in the series.

I tend to listen to a wide range of music while I’m writing. While my tasted tend to fall toward country for my regular listening, when I’m writing I listen to whatever fits the story. I still don’t think I have any rap on any of the playlists. Or classical(for personal reasons, I just don’t listen to that). For my westerns, my playlist has a lot of Marty Robbins, Steep Canyon Rangers, The Dirty River Boys and similar. Flames of Redemption has soundtracks from Backdraft, Ladder 49, and REscue Me, among other music.

The playlist for Duty to Protect(and the others in the series) had Lifehouse, Breaking Benjamin, Daughtry, Seether, and like I said, pretty much whatever I felt fit the story.

Falling In by Lifehouse

This fits how both Garren and Lisa felt as they were getting to know each other and afraid of falling in love.

All These Lives by Daughtry

Makes me think of how Garren’s family was feeling when Connie went missing.

Start of Something Good by Daughtry

Another one for when Garren and Lisa were getting to know each other.

We’re Not Gonna Fall by Daughtry

Garren insists at one point that he can’t do relationships. That he just ruins them. I can imagine Lisa saying exactly this to him(and she pretty much does in her way).

Without You by Three Days Grace

Garren realized this is how he felt after he pushed Lisa away and almost lost her.

Without You by Breaking Benjamin

This one fits the final scene(and that’s all I’m saying about that. You’ll just have to read it ;))

It Only Hurts by Default

This one makes me think of Garren’s battle with alcohol.

Keep It Together by Puddle of Mudd

“And you know that I would take a bullet just to save your life.” – This is Garren all the way.

Better Man by Lady Antebellum(seriously surprised this is the only country song on the whole playlist)


This one doesn’t necessary have any connection to the story, but I found myself going back and repeating it whenever it would come on. Not sure why I liked it so much.

Forget It by Breaking Benjamin


Duty to Protect is available at Amazon, BN, and Kobo.

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