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I skipped Monday Mentions last week since I was revealing my cover. So, I’ve gathered a few blog posts in the last 2 weeks(and 1 of them just today).

First is this post by Kerry Schafer about the things we say to ourselves that would seem abusive from anyone else. I do this way too much. In fact the quotes at the beginning of the article, yeah, pretty sure I’ve said every single one. I’ve said it before: I’m harder on myself than anyone else could ever be. Certainly harder on myself than I would be on anyone else. It’s not right, or good, but I do it. And it’s something I need to work on.

And this post on reading from Elizabeth Spann Craig. Someone else who reads like me! I always have people saying how they’re surprised I read so much and want to know my secret. I don’t really have one, except maybe my obsessive personality. I have to actually set limits on myself. “I’ll read when I finish doing this thing(usually writing)” or I’ll keep reading until I’m finished. Now, that I have a kindle(for 16 months now actually), I get even more reading done. Because I find it easier to take it in the car or down to wait for my daughter’s bus(as long as it isn’t raining or snowing). Even when it’s cold, I can “flip” the pages on it easier than I can a book. Although sometimes I still try to actually flip it over to turn the page. Yeah, old habits die hard. 🙂

Then, there was this post from Chuck Wendig on pushing past the bullshit and finishing a novel. Beware: lots of profanity(doesn’t bother me, but might other readers). I write more than 350 words a day, but the point is no matter your goal, you have to do what you can to meet it. And if you don’t meet it one day, it doesn’t mean you can’t the next(and even make up the ones you’d missed).

Speaking of profanity, Elizabeth Anne Mitchell had this interesting post on the History of Profanity. I’m a bit of a history and word geek(I think I hear some people laughing). Since I’ve been working on some westerns lately, I’ve been looking up the origins of quite a few words to make sure they’re time-appropriate. And don’t find this tedious at all. 🙂

And lastly, today Ava Jae posted about some common issues in the slush pile. Informative post with some good tips.

Comments on: "Monday Mentions: Self-abuse, Reading, Profanity, & Slush Piles" (2)

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Fallon. I should have Part 2 of the History of Profanity up later this week.

    I’d have to do some digging, but I remember reading about how the writers had to change the profanity in Deadwood, because the words used at the time would seem so mild to modern viewers. I’ll try to find that article for you.

    • You’re welcome.

      And it’s not just the profanity for the time. Other phrases/words I like to make sure are right. Like “sidewalk” which sounds modern, but would have been used then. But, “railroaded”(as in to convict unjustly) wasn’t in use until 1873 and in the WiP I used it in took place in 1867. There may not be too many people that would know, but I do now.

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