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I’m actually writing this post on Saturday because 1.) tomorrow=Easter, which means I won’t have as much time to get to it. and 2.) I’m actually way ahead on my goals for the week. Which is actually a surprise since the girl has been on Easter break since Thursday. She doesn’t go back until Tuesday, and I figured I’d get a lot less done. Especially since the weather turned nice again, so we’ve been spending a lot of time outside. Friday I even took down the frame for our canopy. Last fall, we didn’t take the tarp down(which was our fix to the canvas that had ripped the year before). The first time it snowed, it was too heavy for the poles of the frame. Bent them so bad, it couldn’t really be fixed. It was more of an ordeal to take it apart than I thought it would be. The nuts and bolts were extremely rusted, which made it hard to turn most of them. Plus, they were up above me, which was a little hard on the shoulders. But, I got it done, so it’s now just a pile of scrap.


  • Slow Revenge: Format – had this finished before Wednesday
  • Stained Snow: Send second half to CP – done
  • Flames of Redemption: Work out revision plan & start revisions – I’ve made it through chapter 10/29. And part way through chapter 11. Added 2 more scenes to the plan, so have to write them before I move on to Chapter 12. Have added over 5000 words so far.
  • Short Story: add words every day – done. I’ve worked on this for 1/2 hour a day. Added 1866 words to it. It’s at almost 8k, but I think another few scenes and it will be finished.
  • Read: Sins of the Lost & A Most Devilish Rogue(Ashlyn Macnamara) – Done & done. Loved both, for different reasons. Also read Once Upon an Heirloom(Kait Nolan) – very sweet story. And started the Riding Desire box set. I’ve read the first 3(out of 14) stories. Favorite so far was Nice Girls Don’t Ride(Roni Loren). As I posted on twitter after reading it, it was “funny, sweet, and sexy.” I haven’t read anything of hers I haven’t loved.
  • Crochet: Puppy Hat – finished this on Friday. Turned out pretty cute, although the face looks a little off center.


I also sent my contemporary romance, The Choice, to my kindle so I can do a read through and make up my revision plan, since it’s next on the list to work on. I meant to just check the formatting on it before I sent it, and ended up reading over a lot of it on the computer.

It turned out to be a pretty good week even though I didn’t think it would be. Hoping next week will be just as good. Goals for next week:

  • Duty to Protect(formerly Slow Revenge): Publish
  • Flames of Redemption: Finish revisions
  • The Choice: Read through
  • Short Story: 1/2 hour a day
  • Read: Riding Desire set
  • Knit: Imp cloth

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Happy Easter" (9)

  1. Kat Morrisey said:

    I love Roni Loren’s books. I got so behind in her series though, I need to move that up the tbr! (I’ve been saying that a lot lately, with a lot of books, LOL)

    You’re accomplishing so much and making some great progress. The sprints we did yesterday really helped me get some words down, and Sam, the ever efficient and growly alpha he is, tackled and tied up my focus. He was nice enough to drag it back to me, too. 🙂 Hope you have a great week and good luck with hitting *publish*!!!! *happy dances some more*

    Oh, and Happy Easter to you and your family!

    • I know, they are so good. I’ve read every one in the series, maybe more than once. 🙂

      The sprints were really nice, and yay, Sam!


  2. I like your goal of “add words” to the short story without quantifying it. As I’m trying to de-stress, this has been key for me. The puppy hat is so cute!

    • It’s more of a side project. I might share it on here or through my newsletter(if I ever get that figured out and set up), but I’m not sure I’ll do more with it. So, the 1/2 hour goal without worrying about # of words seems to work.


  3. Sounds wonderful to make so much progress, especially on a weekend you didn’t expect. Best of luck with the Publish.

  4. Publish? Did I read “PUBLISH”?


    Seriously good news, Fallon. I mean, I knew it was coming, but to actually read the word is super yummy truffle sweet. Congrats. And hooray for a very progress-filed week too.

    • yes you did, and I hit the button(s) this morning. Now, to get other stuff done still and not obsess about it.


      • There’s always stuff to be done… Publish isn’t a once in a lifetime word at the very least. Have a great, productive day.

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