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Even though RoW80 is on it’s break, I decided to do a post today to evaluate my goals for the last month. I know we still have one more day in the month, but it’s still close enough. And this will help keep me on my consistent posting schedule.

I made some changes to these initial goals as the month went on, so I’ll comment on those as well.

  • Slow Revenge – edit as I get chapters back – I got this finished. And went through it again for a more detailed read. I’ll be making those changes this next week.
  • Stained Snow – make edits once I get it back – I got it back and started working on a major rewrite. I’m about 80% through this. I’ll be moving this to April to finish. I added almost 32,000 new words. It’s sitting at about 48k right now. I’d planned for it to be around 60k, but it may end up closer to 70k.
  • Chasing the Ghost – add 42000 words – I wrote 184 words on this then set it aside to focus on Slow Revenge & Stained Snow. Not sure when I’ll pick this one back up.
  • Read 13 books– I read 12 books & finished listening to 1. So, I’ll count this one as met.
  • Read 1 craft/research book – I finished ‘How to Write a Dick’ earlier this week. Which was research for Chasing the Ghost.
  • Knit 3 projects(Phoenix Gauntlets, Storybook Baby Hoodie, & Snuggly Chatterbox Hat) finished the guantlets and the hoodie. Didn’t even start on the hat though. I’ll be moving that to April.
  • Crochet 3 projects(Baby Pom Pom Hat, Olivia’s Butterfly(hat), puppy hat) Finished the Pom Pom hat & the butterfly hat. Didn’t get to the puppy hat. Another one I’ll move to April.

I also started a short story but only wrote about 3000 words before I set it aside so I could finish the edits for Slow Revenge.

So far this year, I have written 112,226 words on 8 different projects. An average of 37,409 words a month. Now, I just need to focus on finished one project instead of having all of these in different stages.

My goals for April:


  • Slow Revenge: Publish
  • Stained Snow: Finish rewrite
  • Short Story: Write
  • Flames of Redemption: Revisions


  • Listen to 1 audio book
  • Read 12 fiction books
  • Read 1 craft/research book


  • Knit 2 projects(Snuggly Chatterbox Hat & Imp Cloth)
  • Crochet 2 projects(Crochet Puppy Hat & Hello Kitty Hat)


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