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2014 ROW80 Round 1: Done

I was going to post this yesterday but I was behind on my goals so decided to wait for the official end of the round and try to get caught up. Yeah, I’m still behind. I’ll admit it. I bit off way more than I could chew. This is not an unusual occurrence for me. And now I’m feeling drained and unfocused by trying to play catch-up all week. Taking a break and reading this afternoon(maybe some crochet or knitting tonight too) and hopefully be ready to work again tomorrow. Anyway, I’ll do a quick wrap-up of my progress this week and look back on how I did on my goals for this round.

  • Slow Revenge: line up editing/cover art -neither. I’ve been looking at a lot of cover art, but can’t decide on anything. And I decided to print it off and do a thorough read through. Usually I do this on my kindle, but that’s when I’m looking for overall issues, not the little stuff. This is taking me longer than I figured, which is why I’m behind with everything else.
  • Stained Snow: 11 scenes – I’ve finished 9 scenes and started the next one. 7807 words added this week. That’s a really good number, if I hadn’t planned to write more. I have at least 13 more scenes to get through(some just need some rewriting though). Probably won’t get there before the end of the month.
  • Flames of Redemption: read through & make revision plan – I sent this to my kindle, but have set the rest aside until I finish editing Slow Revenge(again).
  • Short Story: would like to finish, but it’s lower on my priorities added 858 words on Tuesday. Setting this aside as well for right now.
  • Read: True Colors, Playing Pretend(Juliana Haygert), & Ignite(Tessa Teevan) – Just finished True Colors a little bit ago. Really enjoyed it. And as much as I like a bad boy(to a certain extent), I really like the sweet, good guys too. 🙂 Planning on starting Playing Pretend in a little bit.
  • Read: Finish How to Write a Dick – 90% through. Should finish today or tomorrow.
  • Knit: Finish Phoenix Gauntlets – Done! Only goal I actually met this week, but didn’t have much left to go.
  • Crochet: Olivia’s Butterfly – Haven’t even started it yet.

This week was kind of a bust, but I did get a lot of work done. I’m halfway through marking up Slow Revenge. I’m about 75%-ish through Stained Snow. Those were my two main goals for the month(which I’ll evaluate my progress for next week). So, it’s not that bad. As long as I try not to do too much.

Now, for my goals for this round:

  • Slow Revenge: Publish – not quite there yet. Getting close.
  • Stained Snow: Finish another round of edits – working on those now.
  • Flames of Redemption: Revise and send to CPs – didn’t even start on this.
  • East of Abilene – finish 1st draft – Done
  • Read 40 books(goal of 175 for the year) – 54/40 Not surprising I exceeded this one
  • 9 knitting projects – 7/9. Not quite there.
  • 8 crochet projects – 6/8 Short again.

Only met 2 of my goals for the round. My main goal for next round: do not overestimate what I can get done in a certain time. The rest I’ll have to figure out before the round starts.

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  1. It sounds like you had set a lot of goals for yourself, Fallon–and you made serious progress. Congrats!

    I have the same problem with biting off more than I can chew. I think I always think things will go faster and more smoothly than they end up going. I need to approach my career the way I would approach a home remodel–remember that it always three or four times as long as you initially estimated it would.

    • Thanks!

      Since I’m home all day, I seem to think I should be able to get so much more done than I do. So, I tend to set tight deadlines for myself. I also have trouble focusing on just one thing. Both of those are a bit of a recipe for disaster. I think for next round, I’m going to try to not work on more than two projects at a time.

      • That sounds like a good plan. I have one new project for the next round and I’ll also be revising the project I finished during Round 1.

        Now that I’m writing full time, I feel this pressure to really produce work, which is both good and bad. At least it gives me the drive to get things done. I’m still working on setting reasonable expectations for myself.

      • yes, reasonable expectations have always been my problem 🙂

  2. Yeah, that’s a BIG list! You actually made a lot of progress, though, so feel good about that! Best wishes next round. Here’s to a fabulous one!

    • Thanks! I do feel pretty good about it. I just need to figure out what I can actually get done during a round.

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