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Sunday Summary: Bouncing

I feel like I’ve been bouncing all over the place this week. Just can’t seem to settle on what to do. I’ve been looking around for cover art, mostly premade covers. While there have been a few I liked, I just don’t know if they fit. Maybe I’m just thinking too much.

Thursday my husband took the boy with him to town. He had fun being with Daddy especially since they spent some time at the fire station. And I had the house to myself for just about 4 hours. That is a very rare occurrence.


think this is why he enjoys time at the station with Daddy.


Then, that night we took both kids to get their hair cut. The girl’s has been pretty much unmanageable for a while. We got it cut shoulder length and it’s so much easier to deal with now. The boy’s was getting pretty shaggy, so we got it trimmed up. Now, they both look like they’ve aged at least a year. Amazing how just a hair cut can do that.


Slow Revenge I finished incorporating my beta reader’s suggestions for the end. And even though I’ve read over this many times(and you know, wrote it), I still nearly had to wipe away a tear on the last scene. It gets me every time. I admit it. I’m a sap. 🙂

Stained Snow: I finished 8 scenes, added 6872 words. I set this aside for a couple days this week while I finished Slow Revenge. I still made some progress though. A little more than half way through. It may end up more than the 60k I was expecting. Probably not more than 70k though.

I also started a short story based on some back story from Slow Revenge. It’s a really big moment in the main character’s life. I’m thinking of either sharing it here or through my newsletter(that isn’t quite set up yet).

Between edits, Stained Snow, and this short story, I wrote 10,381 words last week.

Read: I finished the two books I still had on my list for this week. I had some issues with Mystery Man(the hero went a little too beyond alpha for me), but I still enjoyed it. I also read Almost Broken Up by A.O. Peart. I now have True Colors by Melissa Pearl ready to read on my kindle. Only two more on this month’s list then I’ll try to catch up on some of my free reads until the end of the month.

Also got to 75% in How to Write a Dick. Had a few thoughts on how to fix issues with this character. If he wasn’t such a good guy, I wouldn’t worry about it because he probably wouldn’t worry if he skirted the law. But, *sigh*, he is a good guy. 🙂

Knitting: I have the gauntlets just about finished. Just need to knit the last few rows of the second and seam them up. This got set aside while I was finishing up Slow Revenge as well.

Goals for rest of the round:

  • Slow Revenge: line up editing/cover art
  • Stained Snow: 11 scenes
  • Flames of Redemption: read through & make revision plan
  • Short Story: would like to finish, but it’s lower on my priorities
  • Read: True Colors, Playing Pretend(Juliana Haygert), & Ignite(Tessa Teevan)
  • Read: Finish How to Write a Dick
  • Knit: Finish Phoenix Gauntlets
  • Crochet: Olivia’s Butterfly


Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Bouncing" (2)

  1. I tend to love bouncing around when I’m not intensely focused on something. Even when I am, I keep side projects going…they help me when I need a break from all that intensity, and I get to move something else forward.

    I always love stopping by to see what you’ve been up to! And I know JUST what you mean about haircuts…that’s still true here, with my big kids.

    • Thanks! Having the other projects can be good. I just have to remember to focus on the main one. Sometimes I try to do too much and don’t realize it until I can’t quite catch up.

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