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It’s definitely going to seem like I’m indecisive. I keep changing my plans. The plan had been to work on editing chapters of Slow Revenge while I waited for my beta reader to get them back to me but focus on finishing the rewrite of Stained Snow. Then, yesterday morning, I got two emails from my reader. The first had come in at just after midnight, with the other a couple hours later.  She had finished the second half of Slow Revenge. So, I reworked this week’s to-do lists to try to finish them by the end of the week. Which means Stained Snow has been moved to the back burner for now, or at least off the power burner. 🙂

Then, while we were out and about yesterday, I started a list on my phone of the different series I have in progress. There’s 5 of them that I have at least 1 story started in. Yes, I’m insane. 🙂 After I made that list, I started one of all the different stories in those series as well as the *hopefully* standalone novels I want to work in. I have them separated into different groups, all the #1s are in group 1…I’m planning on working through each group for each round. It’s doubtful I’ll get every story in the group out the door before the round is over, since they’re all in different stages(some aren’t even plotted yet), but this is a starting point.

Speaking of starting points, I’m switching for WiPPet again, this time to Slow Revenge. Since that’s what I’m working on and have open right now. The first 20 lines(3+1+9+2+0+1+4) of Chapter 1.

Garren Alexander sat back in one of the lawn chairs spread out across the yard and watched as some young kids ran past him, laughing. He had to smile. It looked like another of his parents’ Memorial Day picnics was a success. Most of the neighbors came out for it, bringing all the kids along. Most of the adults here were ones he had run around with as a boy, kids he had considered cousins when he didn’t have any of his own.

Despite the happiness of the day, his mind was weighed down by the absence of one person, and the corners of his smile turned down. His sister had never missed one of these picnics. It was the first one she had not been there for. Her and her fiance had decided to go camping this weekend, but they’d said they would be here today.

His parents had tried to assure him everything was fine. The two of them had just decided to extend their camping trip longer. They weren’t worried. Apparently he was the only one who was. Maybe it was his years as a police officer that made him so paranoid. He hoped that was it, and his parents were right.

Still he found he could not sit still. He got back up and strode over to where his father was cooking another batch of hamburgers and hot dogs. “They should have been here by now,” he said, “or at least called. Connie would have called if they decided to change their plans.”

Brendan Alexander sighed, but didn’t look away from the food on the grill. “Cell service at the campground can be spotty. She may not have been able to get a call out. I’m sure everything’s fine.”

I’ve been making progress on my goals this week. Monday was a very productive day. I even got started on yesterday’s list before I went to bed. Yesterday, not so much. We left early to go up to the city and do some shopping and still get home before the girl got home from school(and made it with a good 45 minutes to spare unlike last time when we pulled up to our driveway right behind the bus). And since it was almost 50 degrees out, we stayed out and played until I needed to go in and get dinner started. I did manage to get a little bit done after the kids went to bed, but it certainly wasn’t as productive. We did get the kids’ Easter clothes though.

  • Stained Snow – work through 14 scenes – I got through 4 and started a 5th. This will be moved down my list of priorities until Slow Revenge is finished.
  • Slow Revenge – Work through any chapters I get back(right now that’s through Ch 19) – Like I said, I have them all back. Spent last night compiling beta’s notes into scrivener and got through 6 chapters this morning. These ones didn’t have many changes, but there’ll be more work in the last few chapters.
  • Read: Cursed by Cupid(Wendy Sparrow), Mystery Man(Kristen Ashley), & A Little Too Much(Lisa Desrochers) – I finished reading Cursed by Cupid yesterday while we were outside. Started Mystery Man this morning.
  • Read: How to Write a Dick – Get to 75% – I’m at 65% right now.
  • Knit: Storybook Baby Hoodie – Finish – finished this on Sunday
  • Knit: Phoenix Gauntlets – started these on Monday but didn’t work on them at all yesterday. Planning on getting the first one finished tonight.

New goals for the rest of the week:

  • Slow Revenge: Finish edits
  • Read: Finish Mystery Man & read A Little Too Much
  • 75% through How to Write a Dick
  • Knit: Phoenix Gauntlets

Any suggestions for editing/cover art for someone who is on an extremely tight budget? I want to get my stories out there, but I want to do it right.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: New Plans" (15)

  1. I’m not the only one with multiple unfinished series! Let me count… um… three series that I have complete or almost complete novels in. One more that I just started and made some notes in. I won’t count the short stories that are in trilogies or are designed that I can always add more stories to the “world.”

    How much of an overall arc do you include in your series? I was working without one, but my Steampunk series in particular was crying for one and it was easy to develop. My Polyamorous Romance fit into small sets of 2-5 books each, with nothing more in common than being in the same world. My Quiltbag faith-based romances have been on the shelf for a couple of years, and part of the reason for that is that there’s nothing to join them together.

    • I have a tendency to start a story, planning it as a standalone. Then, as I write, the other characters insist on telling me their stories. And so a series begins.

      I don’t know that they have too much of an overall arc. The one that Slow Revenge is in is connected but they each have their own main characters, loosely connected by family(not always by blood). Slow Revenge is Garren’s & Lisa’s story, the next is actually his ex-fiance’s. I hadn’t planned on writing hers, but she insisted. 🙂 #3 is Lisa’s stepbrother’s & Garren’s partner’s story. That’s all I have written so far, even though I started #4. I have several more planned just not plotted yet.
      Stained Snow should have been a stand alone. until these other characters started talking to me. Theirs may just be companion novellas though.
      My Flames series(firefighters!) also started as a stand-alone(see a trend?). Then, the MC’s uncle’s back story pulled at me so much, I decided he needs his HEA. Also other character’s started speaking up. Most of these characters are related to either of the MCs from the first one.

      I wrote East of Abilene back in January when the idea sparked. Then Elijah’s brother demanded his story. I’m thinking there will be 4 in this one

      The other series started with my 2011 NaNo and again would have stood alone until some of the MC’s former Marine buddies showed up and seem to think they have stories to tell as well. That one will probably just be 3.

      I also have about 1.5 dozen ideas for other stories that aren’t series(yet). I am certainly at no shortage for ideas. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I can relate to the character here; I get jumpy when things seem out of place/wrong too, even if my concerns are (probably) unfounded.

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with multiple projects going at the same time. I find that it keeps things fresh if I can table one thing and work on another. Gives time for things to sort of marinate.

    I’m really sorry, but I am actually a 12yo boy at heart. I giggled–a lot–at the book “How to Write a Dick.” I don’t write detective stories, I write general fic with romantic overtones (usually m/m). Yeah, ahem. It took me a minute to figure out that’s probably not what the title meant.

    • Thanks.

      I usually only work on one in a certain stage at a time. Although I might be drafting one, editing another, and plotting yet another. My problem is working them all in and getting them edited. Which is why I have so many projects waiting.

      I’ve been wondering if anyone would comment on that title. It makes me giggle a bit every time I read it too. Definitely not that kind of dick 😉 I have a side character in one of my WiPs who is a private detective and I want to get it right. So, it’s research.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Hahaha! The actual content of the book is a lot more innocent than some of what I’ve had to look up in order to properly write about the other kind. I do understand having to do research to get details right, though (I mean about other, less suggestive things).

  3. Wow. I’m always in awe of how other writers can work on so many series/projects at once. More than two and I feel in over my head. You’ll have to tell me what the secret is to keeping them all straight.

    I love the contrast in your WIP snippet between the casual joy of the picnic and your hero’s dark worry for his sister.

    • Not sure there’s a secret. I usually don’t have more than one in a particular stage at a time. I’m just not good at only working on one thing until it’s completely done. That’s why I like having one I’m plotting, another I’m drafting, and another to edit. Although that’s also why I have so many sitting waiting for me to get back to them. 🙂


  4. Argh. I hate that feeling where you think something could be wrong, but maybe it’s not and you’re just being paranoid, but maybe you should do something, but no one else thinks it’s any big deal…you’ve played that out really well.

    One idea I always toss out there for covers is to contact a local art school/college/tech school. Kids looking to expand their portfolio and have something to show after graduation while they’re job hunting, might be willing to do a cover for bragging rights and tear sheets alone.

  5. When secondary characters get chatty, it’s fun, but makes for a lot of extra work too…. I’ve got a few characters that did that to me. Good luck with yours, Fallon. I had to hide mine in a nox in the back of the drawer because I was getting nothing done.

  6. That’s quite a reversal of roles. Either daddy is faking it, or he and brother have switched places on who has to worry and who gets to roll their eyes and say everything is fine.

  7. Ooh, definitely cause to be at least a bit worried, I think. Especially as everyone seems so keen to tell him it’s fine.

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