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Sunday Summary

This was a pretty good week. I’ve managed to cross just about everything off the week’s to-do lists. Yesterday was my nephew’s 12th birthday party. Last year it was a skating party, this year was a bowling party. We went to that and I was reminded how much I hate being competitive and yet sucking at pretty much every sport. We played two games and my highest score was 69. It was still fun though. The girl had a lot of fun. They had one lane set up for just the kids with bumpers and a ramp that they could just roll the ball down. Maybe I should have been in that lane. The boy just enjoyed the pizza and cake. πŸ™‚

  • Stained Snow: Write/rewrite 13 scenes – Got through 17 more scenes. Almost halfway through the rewrite. Have a chunk of new scenes to write coming up.
  • Slow Revenge: Edit through Chapter 16(more if I get them back) – No more progress here since Wednesday, but I did just get 3 more chapters back from my reader this morning, and she said she might have more for me tomorrow, so I’ll work on them through this week.
  • Read: The Archived, Soul Avenged(Keri Lake), and Losing It(Cora Carmack) Done, Done, & Done. This was a good reading week. I enjoyed all the books I read. And for all three of these, I’ve added the next in the series to my wishlist.
  • Read: How to Write a Dick – Get to 50% – Done. Some interesting information, some of which I think I can work into this character.
  • Knit: Storybook Baby Hoodie – Almost done with this. I got it all assembled this morning. I just have to add the tassel to the hood.

Like I said, it was a pretty good week. Next week’s goals aren’t going to be too much different.

  • Stained Snow – work through 14 scenes
  • Slow Revenge – Work through any chapters I get back(right now that’s through Ch 19)
  • Read: Cursed by Cupid(Wendy Sparrow), Mystery Man(Kristen Ashley), & A Little Too Much(Lisa Desrochers)
  • Read: How to Write a Dick – Get to 75%
  • Knit: Storybook Baby Hoodie – Finish
  • Knit: Phoenix Guantlets

Comments on: "Sunday Summary" (6)

  1. Good job this week, Fallon! Well, except maybe the bowling. LOL. Your score sounds about like mine the last time I went. I used to be good, but now I’m SO rusty. πŸ˜› But the fun is what matters!

    • Thanks!

      It was fun, and I’ve always known I’m not that great at it. Didn’t help playing with my brother-in-law who kept throwing strikes. I couldn’t even pick up a spare. πŸ™‚

  2. I haven’t been bowling since I was 19. I get you as sports aren’t my happy thing. I did them because I was dragged along. (The geek in a normal family.)

    As always, you do so much and make me feel so lazy. I’m sure you will tear up these week’s goals as well. Keep up the fantastic work.

    • Thanks! I don’t always feel like I do as much as I could, even though I know I’m ridiculously unfair to myself.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. It’s been a few years since I went bowling. I seem to remember being lousy at it. Maybe I’ll stick to Wii Bowling. That I can do for some reason. πŸ™‚

    Awesome progress on your goals. Have a great week!

    • Wii bowling is definitely easier. Part of my problem is that my wrist tends to turn, so the ball always went to one side or the other, very rarely down the middle.


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