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The beginning of Daylight Savings Time always seems to go more smoothly, at least for me. I know they say we lose an hour. It also means my kids tend to sleep just a little later. Of course, getting them to go to bed at the “right” time might be a little more difficult. Other than that, I don’t usually notice a difference. Of course, we forgot to change the clocks last night. I barely stayed awake through the girl reading her book before bed(it was only 7). Put kids to bed, came out, and laid on the couch. Woke up at 10:30 and didn’t feel like bothering with the clocks, so just went to bed.

  • Stained Snow – Re-outline and re/write 12 scenes – I have 11 scenes done. Goal almost met. Although 2 of those are actually the same scene. I was trying it out from 2 different POVs. I think if I keep either it will be the second one(although I’m not sure the scene is needed at all)
  • Slow RevengeMake changes to Chapters 12 & 13 – I got another 3 chapters back from my reader Thursday and I’m through Chapter 14
  • Read: Adore Me, Evensong(Krista Walsh), Knights of Rilch(Rachel O’Laughlin), & The Archived(Victoria Schwab)  finished Adore Me, Evensong, and Knights of Rilch(not sure I can even express how much I loved). Haven’t gotten to The Archived yet. Will probably start it today.
  • Read: 25% of How to Write a Dick(Colleen Collins & Shaun Kaufman) – Done. Actually at 34%.
  • Crochet: Baby Pom Pom Hat – Done
  • 20140309-110406.jpg
  • Knit: Storybook Baby Hoodie – I have the bottom and right front side done. Hoping to work on the back today, then will have the left side, sleeves, and hood to do.

It’s been a pretty decent week even though I overestimated what I could get done at the beginning of the week. But, I got pretty well caught up during the second half. Next week’s goals:

  • Stained Snow: Write/rewrite 13 scenes
  • Slow Revenge: Edit through Chapter 16(more if I get them back)
  • Read: The Archived, Soul Avenged(Keri Lake), and Losing It(Cora Carmack)
  • Read: How to Write a Dick – Get to 50%
  • Knit: Storybook Baby Hoodie


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