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The week didn’t start too bad. In fact, I was pretty productive on Monday. I had everything crossed off my to-do list by the time we ate dinner. Tuesday morning I struggled getting up. Then, I was about halfway through my writing time on my first WiP and realized the pellet stove was going out. Thought it was empty, but I opened the lid and it was still half full. We’d been having problems with the auger motor, but it had been working all right for the last several weeks. I ended up fighting with it quite a bit before finally unplugging it. When I plugged it back in and started it up, it worked just fine again. I was still able to get everything done by 8 last night. Then, I got up this morning after only a little laying in bed. Turned on my computer and started my coffee. Saw that it was installing update 1 of 8. *sigh* Go and put clean dishes away. Come back. Still installing update 1 of 8. Go stack dirty dishes. Still installing update 1 of 8. Grab my notebook and decide just to write by hand this morning. It never moved past update 1 of 8 for more than 30 minutes. I finally held down the power button and hoped I didn’t screw anything up. I turned it back on and the start menu came right up. Everything seems to be fine. I didn’t get a lot of words written to start the day off. Hopefully I can make up for that later though. I still worked on the WiP for 30 minutes.

For my WiPPet this week, I’m going back to East of Abilene. 17 mostly short paragraphs(2-19 & ignoring the negative). Cordelia’s stepmother is insisting she accepts the marriage proposal from the man she wants Cordelia to marry.

“You don’t understand. You will accept it. You’ve had enough time to get used to the idea of being married. You can’t play at being a little girl anymore.”

“I’m not playing anything. I won’t marry Frederic. I want to marry Elijah.”

“I won’t let you lower yourself to that. You deserve so much more.”

“I thought you loved my Pa. Why can’t you understand I love Elijah? Do you really forget what it felt like?”

“At least your Pa was a respectable man, not a dirt poor farmer.”

“Elijah is a good man. You’d know that if you even tried to know him.”

“I’m not discussing this anymore. Get dressed.” She turned and left the room.

I had to fight back tears as I did just that. I would be with Elijah. I wouldn’t let this happen. I didn’t care if we had to run away together. I would be with him. “I’m going to go talk to Jack.”

“You’re going to stay right here,” Charlotte said, reaching out for my arm.

I pulled away from her though. “I may owe you something for everything you’ve done since Pa died. But, I won’t pay it like this. There’s nothing I owe that’s worth my own freedom, my own life. I’ll be back before your precious Frederic calls on me.”

She called after me but I kept walking out of the house. I was about to step down from the sidewalk when I heard the horses galloping down the street. I turned my head and saw two horses but only one rider. There was something draped over the second horse though. My breath caught in my throat. It couldn’t be.

It wasn’t, I realized. The body on the second horse wasn’t Elijah. He had red hair, a longer body than the boy I loved. And the man on the first horse had to be with the cattle herds. The way he dressed, his saddle, everything was different than those who lived around here.

“I need the sheriff,” the man yelled.

He was already coming down the street though. “What’s going on here?”

“My partner was killed by one of your damn farmers. He came right into our camp and shot him. Said his name was Elijah Caine.”

No. No no no. I stumbled back and saw Jack’s gaze shoot to me. Saw the pity there. Then, I was sitting on the sidewalk, my hands covering my face. It couldn’t be true. He wouldn’t have done something like this. I wouldn’t, I couldn’t believe it. I felt someone draw me up and lead me back to the house. I didn’t even care.

“You said he was a good man?” That was Charlotte. “Good men don’t murder people.”

I’ll probably share one more snippet from this next week, before moving on to something different next month. Now, for this week’s progress so far:

  • Slow Revenge: Work on chapters I get back: I’ve received another 7 chapters back this week. I have all the changes marked in the scrivener file and I made changes to one chapter this morning. It’s been mostly small things so far, so I plan to be caught up on these chapters by the end of the week.
  • Stained Snow: Start edits if I get it back – still nothing.
  • Work on each WiP 2.5 hours – 3.5 hours/7.5 so far. I’ve added 5126 words so far this week between the 3 WiPs.
  • Read: Unravel Me(Tehereh Mafi) – 64% through this. Really enjoying it even if I think Kenji needs his own story.
  • Crochet: Ladybug – finished this on Monday and started my next project, the Tidewater Lace Scarf. I’m about 1/6 of the way through it.

The only thing that will change for the rest of the week is my knitting project.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Rough Start" (9)

  1. Oh, poor Cordelia! How awful for her. What a terrible blow.

  2. Oh no! This sure sets up some future conflict.

  3. Something makes me worry that Elijah’s being set up here, Bleh!

    And yeah… I’ve had those mornings too. When nothing seems to quite work on schedule…

    Something odd caught me in reading this. The scenario and the name Jack (including the “I’m going to talk with Jack”)…. A book I’ve read called Turning Point has a scene in it with almost the exact situation (it’s the father pushing the marriage but the girl, Carrie has a friend Jack she tries to go see when she’s told she “will” marry).

    • Things are definitely happening now.

      And still I’ve managed to get everything done every day

      Don’t think I’ve ever read that one.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • Getting everything done, every day…. Impressive.

        I don’t know what your opinion of sci-fi is, but if you like that kind of genre, it’s the beginning of a really fun series.

  4. We’re having heating issues, too – awaiting a new motor, which will hopefully solve the issue. I hope yours is all settled by now.

    I love the way you shared Cordelia’s terror, which faded to relief – then to shock and deeper horror, and the utter undoing of her bid for free will…

    Oddly, the word ‘sidewalk’ jolted me out of the story and into suburbia – but I honestly can’t say why. I know there used to be wooden sidewalks, after all….

    This is a powerful snippet, indeed.

    • It worked fine after that. We have it shut off now since it’s warmer out.


      Yeah, I felt weird with sidewalk. It doesn’t quite sound right for the time, but according to what I found when I looked it up, it’s been used as a “path for pedestrians on the side of a street” since 1739. So, it works, but you’re right, it doesn’t quite feel right.

      • Yeah – there’s something about that word. I know it’s an old word, but it has a more modern feel….too many sidewalks around today, I guess!

  5. Cordelia’s definitely got a bit of an emotional roller-coaster happening here! I also have the feeling Elijah is being set up.

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