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Fitness Friday: Backwards

If you’re following this blog, you probably already know about our power issues this week. I couldn’t walk on the treadmill, but I could have still worked out on the Wii. I didn’t. I won’t make excuses for it. I just didn’t do it. I haven’t been drinking as much water as I should, and haven’t done very well at keeping up with tracking calories. I’ve been doing a little better at controlling snacking. I didn’t post last week. My daughter woke up last Friday with some stomach issues and I didn’t weigh myself that morning.

  • drink one bottle(24 oz) of water a day: Probably only 2/5 days
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes(between Wii & treadmill)  2/5 days. I did a 15 minute workout on Monday then another 15 on the treadmill. Yesterday I only worked out for 10 minutes, because my knee was bothering me and even the lower impact flexibility workout was making it hurt. I’m hoping to get back to regular workouts next week.
  • Limit snacks to 1 between meals – Again, I do good in the morning, not so well after lunch though, but I’ve been doing better.
  • Track food daily – This was pretty much a complete fail this week.

Starting weight: 174.8

Last week’s weight: 171.2

This week’s weight: 172.4

This week’s weight loss: +1.2 pounds

Total Weight loss: 2.4 pounds

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