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Blew a Fuse

That’s not code for getting mad or anything. We actually blew a fuse.

I had just thrown a load of laundry in the dryer and started another one in the washer and sat down at the computer to start reading blogs and maybe write one of my own. And suddenly power went out on one side of our house. It took out the whole kitchen and everything on one side of the living room. Which included our router and modem. So, no internet, excerpt for on my phone. There was a loud piercing noise which I finally realized was or carbon monoxide detector. It want the alarm tone (which is 4 beeps, 5 second pause, 4 beeps), but a unit error tone. I was still a little worried about that, so I took the boy outside to play in the snow (which was too powdery to build a snowman or anything). Couldn’t even get into the garage to get the sled out.
I called the power company, and they were out a couple hours later. Nothing wrong with the line they said and most be something in our box. So husband went out and opened it up, and sure enough there was a blown fuse.
We live in a small town and my husband belongs to the volunteer fire department. One of the other firefighters is am electrician (or was. Think he’s retired now). So called him and was talking to him about what to do. We were hoping we could just replace the fuse, but the box is older, and it looks like we might have to replace the while thing. Until we do, we have no hot water, no internet, and only a couple lights that work. Thankfully, our pellet stove(our only source of heat), refrigerator, and microwave still work. And an outlet in the dining room, so I can still charge my computer and plug my coffee maker in there(priorities, you know). I swear, this crap always happens in the winter.
Posting this from my phone, which is a bit of a pain  but at least I have that.

Comments on: "Blew a Fuse" (2)

  1. Ugh. I hope you get electrified soon. Wait, that didn’t come out right…well, you know what I mean. And, yeah, it’s always at the worse time that something like this happens. Stay warm!

  2. […] not quite powerless. If you didn’t see my post from yesterday, we lost power to half our house on Monday when a fuse blew in our outside electrical box(not sure […]

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