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Sunday Summary

We’ve had a week of sick in this house. The boy seemed fine Wednesday until after dinner. He threw up twice that night. Everyone seemed to be fine Thursday. Until the girl woke up that night, throwing up. And some other stomach issues in the morning. So, she stayed home from school on Friday and of course was fine the rest of the day. The boy had those same stomach issues Saturday morning and threw u after dinner again last night. But, seems fine this morning(actually seemed fine right after he did it). Not sure what’s going on but hope it’s worked its way through the house now(and that I don’t get it).

Slow Revenge – My reader is sending a couple chapters at a time back to me as she finishes them. She was sick the last week too, but she got the next couple back to me last night. I’m working on the changes as she gets them to me.

Stained Snow – sent a message to my CP to see if she’d finished reading it. She thought she’d emailed me about it, so somewhere wires got crossed. She said she’s going to get that to me soon, so I’ll start working on changes once that happens.

Chasing the Ghost – Worked 1/2 hour each day through Friday. Added 2852 words to this. Seems a little slow to start so far, but hoping it picks up.

Flames of Renewal – Worked 1/2 hour each day through Friday. Friday’s words were written in a notebook because I was having trouble focusing on the computer. But, I still wrote. 3381 for the week.

Guarding the Heart – Worked 1/2 hour each day through Friday. Friday’s words were very unfocused on this one too. Only managed 40, which is why I usually don’t do time goals. Most of the time that seems to be working with these, Friday was just a bit of an off day. Still, I managed 3437 for the week on this one.

A total of 9670 new words for the week. Not too bad.

Reading: I finished Deadly Call, First of Her Kind, The Dark Light of Day(T.M. Frazier), Before(Nicola Marsh) and am 66% through The Teacher’s Vet(Wendy Sparrow). I basically declared Friday a reading day and maybe from now on. Good way to end the week.

Knitting: I finished strip 4 of the Lapghan and only have 1 more block to finish for strip 5. Once I seam that to the rest of the blanket, it will be done. Finally!(Since I started it back in December, I think).

Goals for next week:

  • Slow Revenge: Work on as I get chapters back
  • Stained Snow: Start editing(if I get back from CP)
  • Work 2.5 hours on each of 3 WiPs
  • Reading: Finish The Teacher’s Vet, Forged(Jennifer Rush), Dark Witch(Nora Roberts), & Frosted(Wendy Sparrow)
  • Knitting: Finish lapghan
  • Crochet: 45 minute cowl

Comments on: "Sunday Summary" (2)

  1. Great word count for the week! Looks like your goals are going well this round. Yay!!!

    Hope everyone stays well. That stomach bug stuff can be awful. Have a lovely week, Fallon!

    • Thanks, Julie.
      Everything seemed to be good until the boy got sick again last night. Only seems to be at night and a day or two between, and they seem to be alternating days. But once they throw up, they’re fine for those couple days. It’s weird

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