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I may be the only Pennsylvanian that pays no attention to the Punxey rodent.  But, since some of my family wanted to make groundhog stew after this weekend, apparently we have 6 more weeks of winter(I tend to be a rather literal person – we always have 6 more weeks of winter) 🙂

This week has been going pretty good. Until I woke up this morning, went to check on the kids before I made my coffee and couldn’t find the boy. His bed was empty. I went and looked and he had thrown up in it. I’d already looked in on the girl, so went and checked the rest of the house. Couldn’t find him. Decided to look in the girl’s room again, and he was laying at the other end of her bed. Hadn’t seen him the first time I looked in there. Apparently he decided to sleep in there instead of coming to get me. I let him sleep, cleaned up his bed and finally made my coffee. Then, wrote until he woke up a little before 5:30 and cleaned him up. He seems to be fine now so I’m still working through my goals for today. Had to add a couple extra loads of laundry to the list, but still getting things done.

I finished writing the first draft of East of Abilene last week, but didn’t want to leave everyone hanging, so I’m opening it back up for this week’s WiPPet.

I moved back toward where both horses now grazed next to the river. A thought of running the horses straight through them started to form in my head. Until the image of Elijah being trampled joined it. I couldn’t do that, couldn’t be responsible for that.I stumbled at the edge of the river and bumped against Elijah’s horse. He snorted but barely moved. I was glad for the steady older gelding, or I probably would have fallen into the river. I felt something under my hand as I brushed it against the saddlebag. A shiver ran over me as I realized what it was.

Elijah’s pistol. He never wore it around his waist as I’d seen a few young men start to do. He only carried it in case he ran into snakes or other predators. I was starting to think these man counted as that.

I pulled it out of the saddlebag and just held it in my hand for a moment. I had never even touched one before. I’d like to think I could have talked Pa into teaching me to shoot one if he hadn’t been taken from me. But, that never happened. I heard a scream and it jerked my back to where I was. I saw the man beating Elijah shake his hand. Had he bitten him? Good. Then, he hauled his arm back and slammed his fist into Elijah’s stomach. He barely even grunted. The man made a quick gesture and the other two let Elijah drop to the ground.

Maybe they would just leave now. No, they had come for me originally. They wouldn’t leave until they had me. I was not going to let that happen.

They started toward me. Obviously they had never been worried about me getting away. I raised the gun and cocked back the hammer. I could feel my hand shaking, but I didn’t take my eyes from them. The first one just chuckled. “Do you really think we’re scared of you, girl? You won’t actually shoot us.”

“I will. If you come any closer to me, I’ll kill you.”

He laughed again and took another step toward me. My finger jerked against the trigger almost without me planning to. The bullet slammed into a tree trunk behind him. His face paled, but he kept coming. “Like I said, I knew you wouldn’t actually shoot us.”

I realized I didn’t post my goals for the week on Sunday’s post. So, I’ll just do a quick summary of where I am with each area.

Editing: Slow Revenge is still with my reader, so I haven’t done anything with this. Stained Snow is with my CP so waiting on that as well.

Writing: I’ve been spending half an hour on each of my WiPs every day. So, that 1.5 hours of writing each day. I actually did 2 hours yesterday because I finished my goals for the day and started on today’s. I’ve only done an hour today, but will probably get ahead again. Numbers so far for the week: Chasing the Ghost – 1719, Flames of Renewal – 2721, Guarding the Heart – 2462. That’s a total of 6902 words for the first half of the week.

Reading: Finished Deadly Call(Martha Bourke). I had some problems with this one, but will still probably pick up the next. I’m 82% through First of Her Kind(K.L. Schwengel). Loving it.

Knitting: Finished another strip of the lapghan finished and seamed to the rest of it. I have one more strip to finish. Still on track to finish it this weekend.

That’s about it for today. Sunday I plan on remembering to do actual weekly goals.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: 6 More Weeks" (19)

  1. OK, your writing sucked me right into that scene. Nice!

    As for the rest, sounds like you do a great job of juggling, well, everything. 🙂

    Hope your boy feels better asap and I’ll see ya ’round the Row80 hashtag ’til next time!

  2. Kate Frost said:

    That’s quite something going from first time holding a gun to having to shoot it in such a small space of time! A really visual extract.

  3. A really exciting extract Fallon. I’m intrigued as to what has taken your character to this point and how the rest of the story will unfold. 🙂

  4. Impressive word count for the first half of the week, Fallon. Nice!

    Good tension in your WIP Snippet. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think it’s so cute when siblings are close, and it sounds like those two are if that’s where he ended up. Hope he feels better now.

  6. Your poor boy – I hope he’s feeling better soon!

    Great WIPpet. I could feel the weight of the pistol and her realisation of what the discovery might mean for them. I hope her second shot is better!

  7. Yikes, I would be a complete raving lunatic if my kid wasn’t in his bed!

    Most excellent snippet! Your narrative voice is downright addictive!

    • I would have been freaking out more if he didn’t have a tendency to go in her room when he wakes up. As it was, I was getting pretty nervous.

      Thank you!

  8. I’m glad she missed with the first shot. Hopefully she gets out of that situation though. And poor Elijah! You’re building up a nail-biter here.

    Sounds like your goals are going good. That’s a good word count. So glad you’re enjoying FOHK. 🙂

  9. Aw, poor boy. I hope he’s feeling better and no one else succumbs to the dreaded Tummy Bug.

    Loved the snippet. I hope Elijah’s ok!

  10. I’d still be in a panic if the Boodle wasn’t findable some morning too. Or any time…

    The flow of this WIPpet’s action was… awesome. Though, I really hope her second shot doesn’t miss.

  11. Very tense excerpt! Though I feel like those guys shouldn’t get so cocky just because the first bullet missed their mark…

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