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So, January’s over. I’m still trying to decide if it crawled or flew by. But, either way it’s time to evaluate how I did for the past month.

Friday report cards came home for the second quarter of the school year. The girl is only in Kindergarten and they don’t do actual grades. It’s mostly proficient or not-proficient. And she is good in all the areas. In the newsletter the teacher sends home, she said the benchmark goal for this point in Kindergarten is an instructional reading level of 3. The girl is currently at a 20. This really shouldn’t surprise me since she finished reading Alice in Wonderland & Black Beauty(both chapter books) in the last month. As well as a few other shorter books.

As for my progress this week:

  • Flames of Redemption: Finish Revisions– done. Added about 5k to this
  • East of Abilene: Finish 1st Draft – Done! Ended up just short of 30k
  • Flames of Renewal – Finish Character Worksheets – done! As well as the rest of the plotting and wrote the first 120 words
  • Catch Up on Reviews – Got caught up last Sunday and have been writing them now as I finish a book.

I also read another 6 books this week. Two of those were shorter works though.

January was a pretty good month.

  • Slow Revenge: Line up editing – Set this aside for right now. I do have it out with another reader though.
  • Flames of Redemption: Read Through & Revise – Done!
  • East of Abilene: Finish 1st draft by writing 1 scene a day – Done!
  • Read 15 books– 24/15
  • 3 knitting projects(lapghan, stocking cap, knitted hood) – I finished 3 projects, just not the ones listed. I did finish the hat then did two dishcloths. Yesterday I picked up the yarn I need to finish the lapghan, so I’ll be working on that this month.
  • 3 crochet projects(cowboy booties, 45 minute cowl, baby converse) – I finished 2 of these, the cowboy booties & baby converse ones. Didn’t get to the cowl because I needed a hook that I didn’t have. I got this yesterday as well, so I should be able to get to that this month too.

4/6 goals for the month met. Not too bad.

I’m planning on doing more playing around this month. I have three different stories plotted out. Two of these I had plotted last year and ended up setting them aside before I started writing them. I had Guarding the Heart(which was my 2011 NaNo that I decided to completely rewrite) plotted out last summer when I got the idea for my contemporary romance, The Choice. So, I wrote that one instead. And I never got back to Guarding the Heart. Then, I plotted out Chasing the Ghost, the 4th in a series, that I was going to write for last year’s NaNo. Then, I decided to rewrite Flames of Redemption instead. And I now have Flames of Renewal(follow-up to Flames of Redemption) plotted. So, my plan is to work on each of these during this month. Whichever I’m furthest ahead on at the end of the month, or the most eager about, is what I’ll put my focus on for March.

So, my goals for February:

  • Slow Revenge: work on edits(when I hear from my reader)
  • Stained Snow: work on edits(when I get it back from my CP)
  • Chasing the Ghost – work 1/2 hour a day
  • Flames of Renewal – work 1/2 hour a day
  • Guarding the Heart – work 1/2 hour a day
  • Read 13 books
  • 3 knitting projects(lapghan, Knit Child’s Solid Sock, Tidewater lace scarf)
  • 3 crochet projects(45 minute cowl, Ladybug, Sly Fox Hat)

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Another Month Gone" (8)

  1. Great job – with kids and all! Mine are a little older than yours but still it’s hard to fit it all in. Keep on plugging!

  2. Wow, your goals make me look like a wimp. Good for you! I know that first draft completion is all kinds of awesomesauce all by itself, let alone all the books you also read and your other achievements. Fantastic!

  3. You’ve had a great week! And, boy, do you have a smart little girl! 🙂

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