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The girl had Monday off from school, and I figured that would throw off my routine. Then, the boy took a four hour nap in the afternoon. I thought that was really strange, but I wasn’t going to take it for granted. Then, he slept in until almost 8 Tuesday morning, when he’s usually up by 6 at the latest. Even with all that sleep, all he wanted to do all day was lay on the couch. This is a kid who usually doesn’t sit still at all. So, I knew he wasn’t feeling good. And he was practically begging to go to bed at 6:30. He didn’t get up until almost 7:30 today and I figured we were in for a repeat of yesterday. But, he ate breakfast(he didn’t seem to want to eat much yesterday) and is up and playing. So, whatever had him down yesterday seems to have passed. I was able to make a good bit of progress so far this week. I’ll report on that in a bit, but first a WiPPet snippet.

22 lines from the scene after what I shared last week. I believed Jack was mentioned in that one. He’s Charlotte’s father and the sheriff. I thought he was going to have a very minor part. I didn’t realize he actually cares about Cordelia(in more of a protective, not romantic way). He’s talking to her here about what she had told them in the last scene.

“And what were you doing in there?”

I felt heat flush my cheeks and cast my gaze to the floor.

“Snooping, huh? I’m guessing you already had your suspicions about him.” I just nodded, and he continued. “I have to admit I have a problem believing it too. Henry Vickers has done a lot for this town.”

“He’s a snake,” I muttered.

“Maybe. And like I said it’s not like you to truly lie. Maybe you just misunderstood something.”

I shook my head. “I didn’t misunderstand any of it. Maybe if I had just seen the deeds. But, what they said. There aren’t many ways to interpret ‘one way or the other I’ll be rid of her’. If Charlotte doesn’t marry me off to Frederic, he’ll kill me. Those are the two ways to get rid of me.”

He ran a hand over his face, and I saw the way it trembled. “Then, maybe you should accept his proposal.”

I pushed up from the bed. “No, Jack. There’s no way I’d marry that creep. I’d rather have Henry kill me then spend my life with him. I want Elijah. He’s the only man I’ll marry.”

He sighed. “This is an impossible position, Cordelia.”

“It’s the only one I’m willing to take.”

“Stay away from Henry Vickers. I’ll look into this more, see if he really is scheming. But, I want you to watch your step, Cordelia. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Don’t worry, I will.” I wanted to stay as far away as I could. In fact, I wanted to be away from this whole town right now.

He took a step toward the door then turned back to look at her. “You know, Charlotte never planned to get a daughter when she was barely twenty. Especially not one a half dozen years old and extremely spirited. And she planned even less to lose her husband a few years later.”

“I know.”

“She’s done the best she knows. She just doesn’t always know how to handle you. She did love your father though. And he wanted a mother for you. She’s trying to do what she feels is right for you.”

“It’s not. I don’t want this. She won’t see that though.”

Now, for my progress this week:

  • Flames of Redemption: Revise through Chapter 19 – Halfway through Chapter 14. There were a few scenes in here that I’m adding in. And a couple more coming up. Some I planned to add didn’t really seem necessary.
  • East of Abilene: Write 6 Scenes – I’ve finished 3 scenes. The next one I planned on writing doesn’t work now. So this goal will probably end up at 5 scenes. That will leave 5 left unless something changes.
  • Read: Shatter Me & From This Moment On(Bella Andre) – finished Shatter Me yesterday(Loved it!) and started From This Moment On(meh so far. Hoping it picks up).

As for my ‘if I have the time’ goals:

  • Finish back stories for Flames of Renewal – I finished these Sunday afternoon. Also figured out plot points and started fleshing out a plot summary.
  • Write reviews for books I’ve read this year – 4 reviews written for the 12 books I’ve read. 2 of those were written right after I finished reading. Trying to catch up on at least 1 a day.

Hoping the rest of this week goes as well.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: An Impossible Position" (15)

  1. I love how you discovered something new about a character you thought would stay more in the background. Fun stuff when that happens! 🙂

  2. Best of luck maintaining momentum this week. Your thing about meaning to add in scenes and then finding they’re not really relevant sounds VERY familiar. I end up ignoring lots of edits I make to my manuscripts on paper.

    • I’ve found some of the things I thought needed a whole scene could be dealt with in a sentence or two.

      Thanks for stopping by

  3. I still don’t like this Henry Vickers – although I figure a man like that can think of many ways to get rid of Cordelia apart from the two she’s mentioned… Whatever happens I can see she’d going to be in for a tough ride. I’m glad Jack’s on her side.

  4. Ooooh – intrigue abounds! Favorite line: He ran a hand over his face, and I saw the way it trembled. I like the way it communicates so much about his state of mind.

    Hope the boy is feeling better! So many of us are down with the cold/flu these days! I just recovered from a cold I got at Christmas myself.

  5. Your WIP sounds intriguing. And I love intrigue. 🙂 Good luck with your goals!

    I haven’t read “Shatter Me.” Glad to hear you liked it. Maybe I’ll check it out.

  6. Ugh, rough start to your week. Hopefully it’s on an upswing.

    Great exchange between these characters that gives us glimpses of both. Isn’t it wonderful when a character we think is just going to have a ‘walk on’ suddenly demands more? Next thing you know, they’ve got an agent and are looking for their own POV. Geez. 😉

  7. I like this bit of back story. Family relationships are so complicated, and I like how you’ve captured that here.

  8. Sometimes you have to write out the scene just to realize it doesn’t work… sounds like you did that with your back story.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Cordelia yet. I mean, I still cringe at Vickers, but our Cordelia seems more than just determined, she seems single-minded.

  9. Hmm… a step-daughter less than ten years younger than step-mom, huh? That would be difficult for everyone, I think.

  10. Interesting excerpt. Left me with a lot of questions. I’m intrigued to know why people want Cordelia to marry and why she can’t just marry the person she wants to.

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