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Fitness Friday: Ashamed

I haven’t done a fitness Friday in well, a long time. And that’s probably part of the problem. I haven’t been doing anything to keep myself accountable. I stopped tracking what I was eating. Got lazy about working out. Part of it is that even when I was doing those things, that damn number on the scale never seemed to budge. And it frustrated me. And I may have given up. A little.

Then I watched that number keep going up. And it depressed me. Especially when it got over 170. The only other time(s) I’ve been up this high is when I was pregnant. Other than that, 166 was my highest. And I wasn’t happy with that. After my son was born, I was able to get down to a little over 140. I’d love to be able to get back down to that weight. I felt good there. I’d even be happy between 145-150.

So, obviously some changes need to be made. I’m going to try to start with small goals. Of course, I’ve never been too good at pacing myself. I’m going to use these Friday updates to track my progress with those instead of just recording weight loss. I will still track that, but I’m trying to keep myself to only weighing in one day a week. Otherwise, I have a tendency to obsess(and right now, I can hear the sarcastic “no, not you” from those who know me).

So, for right now, my goals are:

  • drink one bottle(24 oz) of water a day
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes(between Wii & treadmill)
  • Limit snacks to 1 between meals
  • Track food daily

Snacking is one of my hardest issues to overcome. Not so much in the morning as in the afternoon though. So, that’s what I really need to work on.

As for the weight, I stepped on the scale Monday morning as a starting point. 174.8. This morning I weighed in at 172.8. I made some of those changes this week(not so good with the snacking though). It’s a good start.

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  1. I’m working at the same things. We can do it!

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