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It’s not usual for us to have a green Christmas around here. Usually we have at least a foot of snow to play in. And we did. Until Friday, when temperatures got up to the 40s and it rained all day. By Saturday, all our snow was melted except for what had been piled up by the plow. Today, even that is pretty much all gone. And it’s been in the 50s all weekend. Seriously, this is not normal for northwestern PA. It is supposed to drop back down into the 20s starting tomorrow and we’re supposed to get some snow. Not sure how much and if it will stick. So we might be looking at one of our rare green(or brown, considering it’s extremely muddy) Christmases. We stopped at the two dollar stores in town today and got the kids’ Christmas jammies(that Santa’s elves will sneak in while we’re out for Christmas Eve) and stocking stuffers. So, all Christmas shopping should be finished now. I don’t usually wrap the stocking stuffers, although I might because, since we keep things small, they’re usually done unwrapping everything in about 15 minutes and we don’t have to be down to my mom’s until later in the morning. And it’s doubtful the kids will sleep past 6 or so. So, we’ll have plenty of time.

Now, for how I did the past week:

  • Finish edits on Slow Revenge: I finished these up on Thursday.
  • Brainstorm on New Shiny Idea(that was sparked while watching Tangled yesterday even though it has nothing to do with Rapunzel) – did this. Think I have the basic plot ironed out, although it could change as I outline. I’ve been having fun with the research(Kansas in mid-late 1860s, cattle drives, etc.) and writing back stories. Have 2 done and 2 more to write.
  • Finish Structuring Your Novel
  • Read: Finish Slow Ride(ARC of Kat Morrisey’s book), Second Chance Romance(Asrai Devin), and Black Opal(Catie Rhodes) Like I said on Wednesday, I got in the mood to read more Christmas-related stories. I read Kait Nolan’s Be Careful, It’s My Heart(loved it!), then I started Jaci Burton’s Kent Brothers trilogy, which are all set around Christmas. Finished the first 2(liked the second one better than the first) and am about 80% through #3. Then, I have Ripped(Sarah Morgan) and Once Upon a Snow Day(Kait Nolan) lined up to read.
  • Knit: Lapghan – Finish Strip 3, have strip 4 almost finished – haven’t worked on this very much this week.

Won’t have too many goals for next week, with Christmas and all. Probably baking cookies tomorrow with the kids. Tuesday we’re going to see my husband’s grandma then spending the day with his mom, and Wednesday we’ll be at my mom’s most of the day. So, anything I do get done will probably be Thursday and Friday, and the round ends on Thursday. Which, I will probably be waiting until then to post my round recap, even though I usually do that on Wednesday.

  • Finish back stories for Western Shiny(which may possibly have a title)
  • Read through Rock Your Plot(Cathy Yardley)
  • Read: The Best Thing(Jaci Burton), Ripped, & Once Upon a Snow Day
  • Knit: Lapghan – finish strip 3

I may or may not post something tomorrow. If not, I’ll be back on Thursday. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, whether it’s white or green.

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Maybe White Christmas" (3)

  1. You’re welcome to take some of our snow! We almost had a green Christmas last year. This year, we’ve been dumped on three times already. Might be getting more on Christmas Eve– I’ll tell it to come your way. 😀

    • We definitely had a white Christmas. Husband had to go out and plow most of Christmas Eve and really early Christmas morning. He made it back before both kids were up to open presents at least.

  2. I’d offer you some of our snow, but it’s been all gone for over a week. Heck, we had a @#$@ thunderstorm Saturday night, for crying out loud. And tonight, we’ve got people dealing with flood waters that are likely going to freeze over. It’s crazy!

    Even if it’s not a white one, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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