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I haven’t just been wrapping up presents this week, but trying to wrap up all my goals for the year/round/month as well. As far as the presents, everything is wrapped except for the kids’ big joint present, a train table that we can’t really wrap. We’ll probably set it up and throw a blanket over it after they go to bed Christmas Eve.

For this week’s WiPPeT, I’m sharing 15 sentence(1+2+18-2-0-1-3) from the second part of Adrian’s conversation with Kayla’s ex-fiance(I shared the first part a couple weeks ago).

“She’s okay, right? Kayla. You said she walked into the fire.”

Adrian had to swallow past the memory of seeing her sitting in that ambulance. “She’s fine. Made herself sick on the smoke, but she’s fine.” And he had to see her. Make sure of it himself.

“Good. I never wanted anything to happen to her. That’s why I did what I did. I couldn’t handle living every day wondering if she’d come home to me. I wasn’t strong enough.”

“I’d think the wondering would be better than not having her at all.”

“Then you’re stronger than me.”

I won’t be posting next Wednesday, but I’ll be back in the new year, hopefully with something new.

Now, for my progress this week:

  • Finish edits on Slow Revenge – 30/34 chapters done.
  • Brainstorm on New Shiny Idea(that was sparked while watching Tangled yesterday even though it has nothing to do with Rapunzel) -Haven’t started on this yet
  • Finish Structuring Your Novel – Finished reading this on Monday.
  • Read: Finish Slow Ride(ARC of Kat Morrisey’s book), Second Chance Romance(Asrai Devin), and Black Opal(Catie Rhodes) – Finished Slow Ride yesterday. Decided to change what I was reading next though, so started Be Careful, It’s My Heart by Kait Nolan.
  • Knit: Lapghan – Finish Strip 3, have strip 4 almost finished – only about halfway through strip 3. Probably not going to meet this goal right now. Part of that is the fact I’m almost out of the one color of yarn I’m using. I’ll probably have to put it aside until I can get more.

Next week will probably be more about relaxing(hahaha) and crafting/reading when we’re not doing family stuff.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Wrapping Things Up" (12)

  1. Good luck with the train table! I remember the year we had to set up a play kitchen on Christmas Eve… I don’t know how our relationship survived. 😉

  2. The end of your snippet packed a powerful punch! Kudos!

    Great job on the goals – I can tell that you are a very motivated person! I’ll learn from you – there’s so much I’m working on and so much more to do! It’s a bit intimidating sometimes!

  3. A train table. Fun! We had one of those when I was a kid.

    A hard decision to make. Stay with someone knowing you could lose them at any time, or be without because you couldn’t bear the loss. Wow.

  4. Good luck with the train table; I’m a bit odd in that I actually kind of like assembling DIY furniture (except for the cabinet that went rogue and attacked my foot, grrrr)

    And…it probably says something about how many comics I’ve been reading that I initially read Knit Lapghan as a name and immediately got an image in my head of a hard-chargin’ space hero with a laser blaster and…I dunno, probably a set of knitting needles only space-ified.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas

  5. I wonder how many people out there take these opposite paths–cling too hard out of fear or let go for the same reason… And then as writers we not only have to portray them as real, but make them both sympathetic and sinister as varying times.

    You achieved a nice balance here, Fallon.

    Hope you enjoy the holiday and that the kids enjoy all the gifts. Make memories! 😀

  6. I like that little bit at the end. There’s just the slightest hint of a defensive edge in both the men’s voices.

  7. A train table joined our lives when our kids were small, too. They’ve outgrown the base, but still use the board to play Legos or pattern blocks on the floor, sometimes.

    Christmas has gotten a lot mellower here. The big gifts were bought and put into use a couple of weeks ago. Each will have a smaller gift they know about, to open on Christmas, and each has a stocking that will be filled to order….they aren’t much on surprises, these kids – they know what they want, and the rest just isn’t relevant.

    After many years of the magic of exciting them, this is a different sort of wonderful, these big kids and the simple pleasures of sharing a holiday with them.

    This is a vivid WIPpet. Once, before I met my husband, I was engaged to a man with a chronic and incurable disease (cystic fibrosis). I dated him once, and was so scared of the fact that he might die, that I didn’t see him again – until I bumped into a mutual friend and she reconnected us…

    The second date was -well, I saw him every day thereafter, and was staying at his place within a week or so. It was 11 months and 6 days from that date to the day he died in my arms in the hospital.

    I will always treasure those days, and I count them so much more than worth the pain of surviving when he didn’t…

    And yet, I know what it is to be too afraid, too…

    You’ve captured that, and with a knifedge of male rivalry thrown in.

    May you enjoy the family time, and your festivities!

    • Christmas is pretty low-key here. Money tends to be tight, so we keep things small. We’ll probably bake cookies this weekend or Monday, read The Night Before Christmas Tuesday night and they’ll probably have presents opened by 7 Christmas morning(unless they actually sleep in). and probably spend the rest of the day at my mom’s.

      You know, I actually felt a little sorry for Reese when writing this scene, knowing why he left her. Except for remembering that he left her right after her best friend’s funeral and he was a jerk about it. Still, there’s that little bit of sympathy. 🙂

  8. […] Writing Wednesday: Wrapping Things Up […]

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