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Writing Wednesday: Last of the Twenties

So, yesterday was my birthday. Twenty-nine whole years old. Only one more year until I’m thirty. As my dad brought up when he called me last night. I won’t get into how that phone call made me feel. It’s not important. Talking to, and spending time with my dad, always leaves me feeling a bit unsettled. I’ve come to some realizations about why I feel this way. Wrote a post about it a couple months ago, but never actually published it. Putting it out there wasn’t important, just getting the words down and out of me. Anyways, I’ve lost my train of thought there. It was my birthday, lots of happy birthday posts on Facebook. It started out a little rough, I had just started writing about 5 in the morning when the boy got up. Ended up pretty good with husband bringing home Chinese for dinner(I didn’t have to cook. Win!) and over 3000 words written. Yes, I often my gauge my day by how many words I write. Also, gauge is a word I can never spell right the first time.

And the boy is currently giving me a check-up with his sister’s Doc McStuffins doctor tools. He keeps forcing my mouth open to look in it with the ear-looker thing(what the heck is it called?) Otoscope. It’s called an Otoscope, that’s what I thought(google search wins again). And I’m tired. Because I was up late reading and still up at 4 this morning to write. Yes, I’m just a bit crazy.

Anyways(I use that words a lot, don’t I?), on to my progress for this week, then my WipPet snippet. I also realize my blog posts seem to be a random stream of thoughts. Hope that doesn’t bother people.

  • Flames of Redemption – Have total of 20,000 words on this. – 11142/20000. I’ve been meeting my 2500 word goal so far this week. Still behind where I wanted to be at this point. That’s okay. I’m technically ahead of the NaNoWriMo goal, just not my personal one. I’ve started a new reward system thanks to Lauren Garafalo. I put a sticker on my calendar(why can I never spell this word right either?) for every 1000 words I write that day. So far, every day, except for Saturday have at least 1 sticker. Yesterday, I have 3 star stickers and a gift sticker I dig out of my scrapbooking stuff(that I don’t really use anymore) to mark hitting 10k. This is a lot better than my old reward system where I got a piece of candy from the kids’ Halloween buckets or handful of candy corn for every 500 words I wrote.
  • Read: New York to Dallas & Beautiful Darkness – I finished reading New York to Dallas this morning. I have 4 more books to get caught up on the tales of Eve and Roarke. I decided to start reading Allegiant next instead of Beautiful Darkness. Just can’t take it anymore.
  • Read: Structuring Your Novel – Chapter 6 – I’ve only read the first chapter of this. It’s lower on my list of priorities right now.
  • Knit: Celtic Knot Bag – Haven’t made too much progress on this either. That’s ok, I’ll get it done. It’s lower on the priority list as well.

Now, for my WiPPet snippet. I got a little creative with my math today. Going to share 23 lines(11+6+2+0+1+3) from the scene I started this morning.  And, of course, this is very, very rough draft material.

She shoved her hands down in the pockets of her coat. She’d forgotten her gloves. This wasn’t unusual. James would probably have a pair waiting for her. He knew her. Almost as well as her own father. They were done collecting evidence, at least any that could be analyzed in a lab. But, he had wanted to go over the scene one more time. Wanted to look at it from every angle they could.

He said he’d be waiting for her here, but she didn’t see him. Uncle James was never late. Still, it would give her a chance to look at the house without all the noise buzzing around her. He would usually leave her in peace, but it seemed even someone’s presence gave her a buzz of awareness. Just having someone there seemed to keep her off balance. She could tune out the voices, the noise of other people, but couldn’t completely forget their presence.

And maybe that was a good thing. Yeah, probably a good thing. She didn’t want to completely forget about people. Or what would she become? Some sort of weird human looking machine?

She took one hand from her pocket and rubbed it over her eyes. Where had that crazy thought come from? Maybe she needed more than that three hour nap after Josh’s funeral. Or some coffee. She really hoped James had some coffee.

But, what she saw when she rounded the only standing walls of the house gave her a different sort of buzz. Her uncle was here, and she did see an extra pair of gloves sticking out of his pocket. But, that wasn’t what caught her attention. No, it was the man standing beside him. The man who looked like he could step right into a boxing ring. He wasn’t dressed so different from the last time she’d seen him. He still had jeans on, some well-worn boots, a defense against the hard, frosted ground around them. And the cold. Although it hadn’t actually started snowing yet. She brought her gaze up from his boots, had to swallow when she saw how the jeans stretched around the muscles of his thighs and hips. He wore a jacket, but it was open, and she could see a sliver of his t-shirt through it. A shirt that clung to his chest and followed down to his narrow waist.

He had remembered gloves. And he had a cap pulled over the top of his head. The tips of his ears were red from standing out in the cold wind. An odd thing for her to notice.

She must really need more sleep. To be turned on by a cop standing in normal everyday clothes with red ears because he wasn’t smart enough to wear a good hat that would keep them warm. Yes, the reason for that must be a need for more sleep. He wasn’t that good looking. She barely held back a snort at that thought. In what universe was he not good looking? Instead of giving in to that urge, she stepped forward. “I hope you have coffee.”

She realized the cop hadn’t noticed her approach even though James had. She saw the shock in his eyes that darkened them to a near-black pool. Dear God, why did that turn her on? Then, they lightened again, became thoughtful if a little confused.

“What are you doing here?”

Am I the only one that agonizes about how much/what to share? I like sharing, but, jeez, I make a big deal of the decision.

Sunday Summary: And It Starts

November started on Friday, which means the month of writing craziness has begun. Or maybe not so crazy for some of us. November isn’t the only month I have high word counts. Even in September, I managed over 50k. I averaged 2312 words over 22 days that month. My daily counts ranged from 401 to 4528. Obviously, I know I can’t sustain too many of those 4500 word days. But, 2500 a day isn’t too much of a stretch for me, but enough to challenge me. While I don’t weigh every single word I put down(I did at one time and got nothing written and set writing aside for a few years. Not planning on making that mistake again.),  I don’t really just spew words onto the page either. Of course, there are always things that need to be cut or changed, but I tend to add more later rather than cutting. Of course, I also don’t have a day job I have to work around. Just the kids. The boy has thrown a wrench in my plans by going on a nap strike, and still waking up too early, cutting into my two big writing times. Hopefully we can get back to a normal schedule.

  • Flames of Redemption: Fill out Character Worksheets Had this finished by Wednesday’s check-in
  • Flames of Redemption: Write 2000 words(once November starts) – I started out strong on Friday with over 2600 words. Only wrote about 670 words yesterday, which kept me on track. But, after I made these goals, I actually decided to shoot for an average of 2500 every day, including weekends. This would get the bulk of the first draft done this month since that would be 75k. I’m already behind on that. I’m sure though if I push myself, I could get caught up on that.
  • Read: In Bed with a Highlander(Maya Banks) & The Hunger Games(Suzanne Collins) – Finished both of these and read Highlander Most Wanted, also by Maya Banks but in a different series than the other one. I just started to read New York to Dallas(J.D. Robb) this morning.
  • Knit: Celtic Knot Bag – I’m not quite halfway through the pattern section. Then, I have to do the puch, assemble it and do the strap. So, I might have it finished by next week at this rate.

Hit almost all my goals for last week. Hopefully, I can do as well this week.

  • Flames of Redemption – Have total of 20,000 words on this.
  • Read: New York to Dallas & Beautiful Darkness
  • Read: Structuring Your Novel – Chapter 6
  • Knit: Celtic Knot Bag

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