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Writing Wednesday: Thankful

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here and one thing I’m most thankful for today is hot water. Monday night I went to start a bath for the boy and water was cold. Would not warm up at all. Had hot water that morning though. We had to fix a valve on our hot water heater a couple years ago too. Husband figured it was a heating element this time. He went out Tuesday and picked up new ones, went to change them and one was so rusted it wouldn’t come out. This water heater is probably about as old as the house, almost 30 years. His dad and stepmom lived here before we bought it. We’ve been wanting to replace it but were hoping to just be able to fix it until Spring when we’d have more money for a new one. I have to say though, one nice thing about living in a small town is knowing people. He was able to find one that we didn’t have to pay for upfront from someone he knows. So, we got that one put in yesterday, and we now have hot water again! Also thankful to have a husband who is very handy around the house.

And thankful to have this creative outlet. I spent a few years denying my need to write. When I picked it up again, I realized how miserable I’d been when I wasn’t writing. It’s something I never plan on setting aside again.

Now, for this week’s WipPet: The last 20 lines(27-11+1+3) I wrote today with a name omitted to not give anything away.

They approached the second ambulance and the paramedic glanced up at them. “I hope you’re the one he’s been wanting to talk to. Refuses to let me take him in until he can talk to the angel that rescued him.”


“I’m no angel. It was just luck that I even found them.”


She felt Adrian’s arm tighten around her, wanted to tell him that he was smothering her. At the same time, she didn’t want him to let go.Why did this all have to be so confusing? She moved to the side of the cot and took the man’s hand. “You need to get to the hospital. What’s the hold up?”


“I wanted to thank you again. You didn’t have to help us.”


“Yes, I did.”


He shook his head. “You didn’t. Not everyone would. I’m thankful to you though.”


“It’s not necessary and it could have waited until you were seen at the hospital.”


“There’s more.”


That stopped her when she was about to turn away. “What?”


“I knew him. The man who shot me, who started the fire. I knew him, or thought I did. I never thought it would cause so much trouble to have a neighbor come look at our computer.”


Her heart nearly stuttered to a stop, and she glanced over at Adrian. “Who was it?” He asked. “You know his name?”


“Of course, I do. He’s lived a couple streets over for several years now.”


“What’s his name?” Kayla asked. But, she could feel dread weighing down her chest now. Did she already know it?




Kayla closed her eyes. “[xx xx]?”


“Yeah. You already know about him?”


She opened her eyes again and looked over at Adrian. “I know him.”

As for my ROW80 goals, I only had 2 this week.

  • Flames of Redemption: 75000 words(which I think will at least get me close to the end if not all the way there). – 68,434/75000 I thought my 2 5k days last week were crazy. Yesterday, I somehow managed to write over 7700 words. I’m still not quite sure how that happened. Except I just kept plugging away at it. Been a much slower day today. But, that’s okay. I’ve written over 11k so far this week. Still have 12 more scenes to get through. May not happen by the end of the month, but I’m going to get as close as I can.
  • Knit: Little Lion Sock Critter – still haven’t worked on this any more.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Thankful" (11)

  1. OOOOh, that was dang evil, leaving out the name. Nice to leave us hanging though, and that is what we writers enjoy doing.

  2. Congratulations on a 7700 word day! And I’m glad to hear yolu’ve got hot water again. Back in 2005, I went through a bad ice storm that knocked out my apartment’s power — including the water heater and the water pump — and after a few days of not being able to shower, I literally bawled when I went to a Red Cross shelter at a local middle school and the first thing they told us was ‘here’s a kit, you can shower in the locker rooms.’ Also, I agree that leaving the name out is an evil cliffhanger. Good job!

  3. Having hot water is definitely a reason to be thankful. And I can so relate to that… A few years back my husband cracked the boiler (heat and hot water) and blew a few of the aging radiator pipes trying to clean out the system. It wouldn’t have been so bad, save that he did so it January… He tried all sorts of things to hold it together for a few months, and we did a lot of boiling water on the stove for baths and such until he and his brother replaced the whole system.

    Thank goodness for handy men. Definitely!

    I liked this interplay between Kayla and Adrian a lot. One can sense the history between them. There’s a lot going on here that we don’t get to see yet….

    • Thanks! A lot has happened between them in a short time. I may need to work out that timing because it seems to be crammed into a very short time.

  4. Loved every word of this cliffhanger. You prepared me for the missing name (xxx), but darn, I did want to know who, and I definitely want to read more. As far as being thankful, I am thankful too for the writing that remains an anchor for every day. While I can’t imagine writing 7,000 words in one day (Ooofta!), I’m very glad you decided to continue writing. I did read once a famous writer said do your writing, then let it go and enjoy life. Then write some more. May your writing nurture you!

    • I’m glad you liked it.

      When I set the writing aside, it was shortly after I was married and had my daughter. I think I felt I had to put it aside for that. Then, a friend mentioned NaNoWriMo right at the beginning of November 2010, when my son was 2 months old. I’ll be thankful for that for a long time. It’s what finally made me realize how much I missed it, how much a part of me writing is.

  5. Oh no! This can’t possibly be good. 😦

  6. glad the hot water shortage was not long lived – I remember the bliss of a first bath (of any warmth of water) after nearly six weeks without when in desert – the bliss of hot water and clean skin again (was a few decades ago and i am even more used to daily hot water now then back then:)

    keep up the good writing and continue to tantalize us with [xx]s:)

  7. My water heater went out the day after Thanksgiving – and my husband was also able to fix it, for which I was very thankful! I can relate to the writing, too – I get cranky if I am forced to go too long without working on something. 🙂

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