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Sunday Summary: Touchdown!

Okay, wrong activity, but my husband’s watching football, and I guess it works. If you read my post from Friday or follow me on twitter, you know I “finished” NaNoWriMo early. On Thursday, in fact. Then, I wrote another 5k on Friday. And a little more than 1750 so far this weekend. I still have 22 planned scenes left. I’m hoping to get at least one or two of those written tonight, but we’ll see how that goes. I may not finish the first draft this month, but still hoping for sometime during the first week of December, if not before. Already, its longer than the first version of the story. That first draft came out at 55,400 words. I’m kind of glad I decided to go with a complete rewrite instead of just trying to edit it…again.

  • Flames of Redemption: 50,000 words. This will have me finished NaNoWriMo almost a week early, but the story still won’t be finished. 57048/50000
  • Read: Sins of the Angels(Linda Poitevin) & All Our Yesterdays(Cristin Terrill): Finished both of these. Loves Sins of the Angels(even if it felt like it ripped my heart out) and really enjoyed All Our Yesterdays, even if some of the time travel stuff confused me. Read one other book as well. Not going to include a reading goal for next week. I’ve read all the books I had on my list for this month. So anything I read now is “bonus”.
  • Knit: Little Lion Sock Critter – haven’t worked on this any more since Tuesday. May get to that tonight.

I think surpassing my writing goal makes up for falling behind on the knitting goal. Only going to have 2 goals for the rest of the month, since that’s less than a week.

  • Flames of Redemption: 75000 words(which I think will at least get me close to the end if not all the way there).
  • Knit: Little Lion Sock Critter

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Touchdown!" (4)

  1. Well done Fallon. You have stormed through those goals. I so wish I could read fast… my niece reads a novel in a few hours! Bet you could do that too?

    You say this is the second attempt at the same story. I was thinking of doing that with my novel, rather than go through it all for re-writes. It’s clearly been a success for you. You given me something to think about.

    Good going, keep up the excellent work.


    • Thanks! I don’t usually finish a novel in a few hours. probably could if it’s really good and I didn’t have anything else to do.

      Yeah, I re-plotted it. It’s stayed mostly the same as far as the plot. But, I’ve been able to flesh out everything that happens between plot points.

      Thanks for stopping by

  2. A full rewrite? Wow… A good idea though, from the sound of it. Trying to add in scenes in a story that’s already written leads to all sorts of “did I fix the scenes in x, y, and z chapters to show this change” and stuff like that.

    Great word progress too, Fallon.

    Hopefully you’re still on course for that December finish date.

    • yeah, I had tried adding in scenes and I think that was actually more difficult than doing this rewrite.

      I may possibly have it finished by the end of the month. It may take me a couple days into December though.

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