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It’s been a while since I’ve done a Family Friday post. No real reason other than I haven’t felt there was really too much to update about.

Hayleigh started Kindergarten at the end of August, and last night we had a meeting with her teacher to go over how she’s doing. She went over her results from DIBELS Assessment(which monitors early reading skills/literacy development). They test in September, January, and May. For First Sound Fluency, the first goal was 10. Hayleigh scored 18. They have to make as many first sounds for words as they can in 1 minute. Then, came letter naming fluency. Again, they have 1 minute to point at and name as many letters as they can. The goal for September was 8. Hayleigh scored 30. The goal for January is only 27. They don’t test for Phoneme segmentation(splitting up words into sound segments) and Nonsense word fluency until January. But, she can already sound out words and they had gone over the nonsense words with her in a small group and she knew 43 of them. The goal for May is only 28. Of course, considering she is already starting to read early chapter books, this doesn’t surprise me too much.

Her report card is broken up into Literacy, Math, their special classes, and Learner Qualities. Literacy is broken up into reading workshop, writing workshop, and speaking and listening. For each category in these, they are either scored Proficient or Not Proficient. For reading, there’s Comprehension, sight words, book handling skills(knows parts of a book, difference between letters and words, what author/illustrator does, and tracking print), phonics, and phonemic Awareness. She scored proficient in everything. For writing, the only thing they tested on was mechanics. Again, she scored proficient, as well as with expressing ideas clearly and listens with understanding.

For math, they needed to:

  • count forward from 0 to 40
  • count back 10 to 1
  • Read numbers 0 to 15
  • Compare lengths of 2 objects
  • Count 15 objects
  • Identify triangle, circle, rectangle, square, hexagon, and trapezoid
  • sort objects by common attributes(she’s been doing this since she was like 2 or 3)
  • Identify symmetrical objects

You may have figured this out already, but yes, she scored proficient on all of these. For the next nine weeks, they need to:

  • count forward to 60(she can do this)
  • count back 12 to 1(pretty sure she can do this too)
  • Write numbers 0 to 10(does this already)
  • Reads numbers 0 to 20
  • Understands number quantities 0 to 10
  • Compose simple shapes from smaller ones

She scored satisfactory in all their special classes(gym, library, computer, music, art). And consistently in the Learner Qualities section. That’s the actual grade. It’s either Consistently, Sometimes, Most Often, or Rarely. The only note the teacher had was on Uses time wisely under Self-Directed Learner. And that’s not really even that she doesn’t use time wisely. She just seems to take a little longer to process the directions for a task. And then she takes her time with it because we’ve discovered she’s a bit of a perfectionist. And, she tends to be distracted rather easily. The one that really made me happy was under Collaborative Worker: Works and plays cooperatively in groups. The last two years in pre-k have really helped with this one, I think. She was always so quiet and one to just hang around the edge of a group(She does take after me).

On the back of the report card, the teacher wrote that “Hayleigh is such a sweet girl! She loves to learn, always does her best, and is a good friend!”

And, because I haven’t shared them here yet, and I think I have the best princess and fire fighter around, here are a couple pictures from Halloween.

602109_10100139584868185_492772194_n 1379334_10100139585252415_1457287560_n 1384185_10100139585032855_156761722_n

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