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Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

I wrote a little about this yesterday in my Sunday ROW80 Check-in post and even shared a couple of the pictures. But, I thought I’d do a bigger post on it today. As I said, we went to a local pumpkin farm on Saturday: my mother-in-law, the kids, me and my husband met us there since he’d had to work in the morning. When we first got there, I thought we’d still be waiting in line when my husband showed up as it was pretty long. But, it moved pretty quick, so we didn’t wait more than 10 minutes, probably less than that. The first thing my daughter said when we walked through the pumpkins was, “there’s a pink pumpkin.”


The pink pumpkin

We walked through the pumpkins then went up to the big corn box while we waited for my husband to get there.


In the corn box

playing in the corn

playing in the corn


The kids ended up bringing some corn with them… in their pockets and in their socks.

After my husband got there, we walked around for a bit. 20131012_115852


Then, they wanted to go down the big hill slides. And go down again. And again. And again.





going down the big hill slide

going down the big hill slide


Then, we walked around some more. The girl got to lead the boy around:


and ride a couple “horses”:

 20131012_122509 20131012_122537 20131012_122543

The girl got to milk a cow(kind of):

milking a cow

milking a cow

They rode tricycles around a track:

20131012_131028 20131012_131042 20131012_131049 20131012_131102

And they even got to dig in the dirt:

20131012_142838 20131012_142819

It was a really warm day for the middle of October, which you can’t really tell by my kids’ choice of clothing. Told them they didn’t need the long-sleeves, but they didn’t want to change, so I let it go. And didn’t realize until we got there that the boy didn’t have a shirt on under his sweatshirt. The warm weather also brought out a whole lot of people, including one of my old friends. I don’t think I’ve really seen her since she graduated high school, a year behind me, so it’s been almost ten years. She was there with her whole family and my cousin(who is best friend’s with my friend’s older sister). One of my other cousins was there as well with her husband and little girl. It was a really good day for it.

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