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I know it’s the middle of October, so technically it is Fall. It just hasn’t been feeling like it for the last week. Sure, it’s been cool at night and early in the morning. Not so much we need to turn the heat on yet. Just throwing on a sweatshirt is good. But, it’s been getting into the higher 70s by noon. We went to a local pumpkin farm yesterday, and it was really warm. Doesn’t feel quite like Fall right now. Next week, it doesn’t look like it’s supposed to get over 70. Maybe it will start to feel more like Fall then. And yes, my kids were wearing long sleeves on a very warm day. Because I let them dress themselves. And I didn’t realize the boy hadn’t put a t-shirt on under his sweatshirt.

playing in the corn

playing in the corn

  • Slow Revenge: Finish search & destroy mission – Done!
  • Line up Beta Readers: Done again! Lined up one on Friday and two more over the weekend.
  • Send Slow Revenge: Finished sending it to all 3 readers this morning.

    milking a cow

    milking a “cow”

  • The Choice: Finish 5 scenes: I finished this just yesterday morning. Wrote 3329 words this week. These scenes seem to be coming out shorter than what I usually write.

    digging in the dirt

    digging in the dirt

  • Chasing the Ghost: Have most of novel notebook complete: About halfway through this. Will probably be able to finish it this week.
  • Read: Never Too Much(Lori Foster) & Simply Irresistible(Jill Shalvis): Finished both of these. Never Too Much was okay. Simply Irresistible was really good. I finished it in one day. I picked up two other books and set them aside again because I just didn’t get into them mostly. Reading another of the Lori Foster ones I picked up at the library book sale the other week now.
  • Knit: Boo Baby Cloth: Got this started, but didn’t make a lot of progress on it. Hoping to give it more time this week.

20131012_143258Progress for this first week of the round wasn’t too bad. I didn’t get everything done, but I was able to cross a couple things off my lists. And that’s always good. New goals for next week:

  • Stained Snow: Search & Destroy. I’ve already started this and am about halfway through my list of words to search for.
  • The Choice: Write last 2 scenes
  • Chasing the Ghost: Finish Novel Notebook
  • Read: Tempted(Lori Foster) & Treasure Me(Christine Nolfi)
  • Knit: Boo Baby Cloth


Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Summer or Fall?" (6)

  1. Wow Fallon, you are doing a lot too. I’m hopping around feeling my short-comings rise up my throat like a rash! Best of luck with your beta’s. The good ones are immense! 🙂

  2. Fallon,

    I wonder how many farms like that there are? I swear, I have nearly identical pictures of the one in our hometown, starting the year Annalise was born (she’s 9 now!). If we make it there this year, I will likely get the last pictures there of two kids both still shorter than me! i have been planning to blog some of them; I’ll share the link.

    If you look in the picture of the kids in the corn, someone else also has long sleeves. i tend to have the opposite situation – Annalise runs hot, so I have a lot of pictures of her in sundresses in November, or shirtsleeves in the snow…I generally carry a jacket for her, so that I can show it to anyone who thinks I’m neglecting her!

    I love that they dressed themselves, and that you all had such a nice time. Whether summer or fall, this is a lovely time of year!

    • It’s funny because probably in the middle of the winter, they will probably want to wear shorts. They don’t really seem to get cold. Of course, I always ran around in the winter with no socks on no matter how cold it was.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. It sounds like you’re doing great . . . and only one week in. Kudos! Enjoy the fall . . . and your kiddiddles. 🙂

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