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September Round Up

I took a break from the blog last week. Didn’t really have much to talk about, which isn’t too big a surprise since I’m not really much of a talker anyway. I am going to try to stick with a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule with Sundays for ROW80 weekly updates. But, the break was good too.

It’s the last day of September, so I figured I’d use today’s post for my monthly evaluation of my goals and to figure out next month’s goals. So, to start, September’s goals were:

  1. The Choice – finish First Draft: This may be a bit optimistic. I’m currently a little over 7000 words and shooting for at least 70,000. But, I hope to get at least close to the end.
  2. Slow Revenge: Edit through at least Chapter 20
  3. Chasing the Ghost – Finish plotting(Again, may be optimistic, but hoping to get through most of it).
  4. Read 10 books
  5. Finish Story Physics
  6. Knit: Soft Ribs in Green, Boo Baby Cloth, Boo Baby Bib
  7. Crochet: Simple Earflap Hat, Easy Scarf, Cheri Hat

7 goals. Shouldn’t be too difficult. So, how did I do?

  1. This was definitely an optimistic goal. The day isn’t over yet, but so far this month I’ve written 51854 words this month, which brought the WiP total to 58991. Not quite as much as I wanted. I did technically write THE END on it, because I wrote all the way through even when I realized it was going to come in really short. Then, I went back and decided to add more scenes into the first part since it was heavily from one character’s POV. So, I’m adding more from the other one’s POV.
  2. I came close on this one. I finished Chapter 18 and plan on getting to Chapter 19 today.
  3. This was another optimistic goal. Not finished with plotting. I am most of the way through the blueprint, only a couple more sections to go. Then, novel notebook, and scene/character cards. So, I should definitely have it all finished in time to start writing by November 1.
  4. Read 11/10 books for the month.
  5. Finished this about a week & a half ago.
  6. I almost finished the Soft Ribs Sweater and did finish the Boo Baby Cloth. Haven’t started the matching bib yet.
  7. I finished crocheting the simple Earflap hat and just started the Easy Scarf yesterday.

Only a couple of the goals for the month were completely met. But, the others I’ve come at close on. So, that’s not too bad since I knew a couple were pretty optimistic even for me. Now, for next month’s goals(we’ll probably see these again when I do my goal post for round 4 of ROW80, but I want to get them down now):

  1. Finish editing Slow Revenge(October is going to be an editing-focused month)
  2. Find a couple Beta Readers for Slow Revenge & send it out
  3. Clean up Stained Snow & send it to critique partner
  4. Decide what I want to do with Healing the Heart(thinking about rewriting as novella)
  5. Finish first draft of The Choice
  6. Finish plotting Chasing the Ghost
  7. Read 10 books(between what’s on my kindle & book sales this past weekend I have 30 waiting)
  8. Knit: Soft Ribs sweater(add buttons), Boo Baby Bib, & Celtic Knot Bag
  9. Crochet: Easy Scarf, Cheri Hat, & Knotted Headband

A couple more goals than last month, but I think I can manage them.

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