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Didn’t realize until after I posted my usual Wednesday update for ROW80 that I didn’t include my WIPPet excerpt. Then, I was gone most of the day and didn’t get back on the computer last night. So, I’m posting it this morning. This one is from the first scene of Chapter 8 of Healing the Heart. Melanie is back to the clinic for the first time since she followed Mica. And has been getting phone calls with no one there(and starting to get a little freaked out).

She jumped at the voice behind her. Then, drew in a deep breath when she saw it was Jared. At least she hadn’t screamed. “What are you doing there?”

She watched as his eyes narrowed and he studied her. “What’s wrong, Melanie?”

Her hand shook as she reached up to adjust the purse strap on her shoulder. “Nothing. What makes you ask that? Just because you jumped out and scared me.”

“I didn’t jump out from anywhere. I was just standing there and greeted you. You’re not usually so jumpy. What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” she said again, a little stronger this time. “I just have some things on my mind, and I didn’t see you there. You startled me. Now, I’m sure I have some patients to see if you’ll let me by.”

But, he shook his head. “It’s slow right now. Come into my office for a minute.”

“And if I don’t want to?” She asked, not moving as he started off across the room.

So, that’s 7 paragraphs from Chapter 8(since yesterday was 8/7). Melanie and Jared have a bit of history together. Visit the other WIPPeters here

Comments on: "WIPPet “Wednes”day – A Day Late" (3)

  1. All sorts of tension brewing here. I’m getting twitchy just reading it.

  2. Jared is Melanie’s boss? If so, I wonder at her tone here. Yes, she has a right to be a bit worried and panicky, but the end sentence just reads strangely… But she definitely needs to talk to someone.

  3. Poor Melanie. I had this friend in high school who would sneak up behind me in the library and whisper “scary” in my ear. Made me jump every time.

    I hope Jared is the understanding kind of boss!

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