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I did it again. Wrote those two words: “The End” Okay, technically I didn’t actually write that. But, I did finish another WiP. Or at least the first draft of one. Ended up with 88006 for this one. Just a little shorter than the first one if the series. The one in between was about 13000 shorter. It took me 56 days from start to finish, 45 days of actual writing. Most of it was written during JuNoWriMo and this month’s Camp NaNoWriMo. If only every month could be a WriMo month. I’m not really one to just dump words on a page to get them there, but something about these challenges helps drive the words up. I think it’s more to do with having more of a deadline than the challenge itself. I know how many words I need to write a day/week to finish on time. So I have something to work toward. So, I may continue to do that just for myself every month. Or every other month, since I plan to focus on drafting one month and editing one of my projects the next month. If I can. We’ll see if this works for me or not.

  • Write 12,500 words(or finish 1st draft) – I wrote 11409 words from Monday to Thursday. But, I did finish the first draft.
  • Guarding the Heart: scene cards – major scenes/turning points – I got the major scenes set up in Scrivener 
  • Read: Not Until You Believe & Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down(Lisa Olsen) – Done and Done. I also read Forged by Magic: Origins(Angela Orlowski-Peart), The Banshee’s Embrace(Victoria Richards), and The Billionaire Bargain(Barb Han). I’m reading Descension(B.C. Burgess). Felt like it had a slow start, but I’m 40% through it right now.
  • Knit: Ribbed Cable Purse – Finished this on Friday. 


  • Crochet: Teeny Beanie – still haven’t finished this, but I did get the ribbon for it yesterday. So, now I just have to do that part.

I’m just going to put my goals for the rest of the month up now. Then, on Wednesday, I’ll evaluate the last month and figure out my goals for the next month plus the rest of the week.

  • Finish edits on western novella, Stained Snow
  • Finish scene cards for Guarding the Heart
  • Read: Finish Descension, Not Until You Love(the last part of the serial!), and Soulstice(Diana Murdock)
  • Crochet: Finish Teeny Beanie and family of Monster amigurumi


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