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I actually posted for Fitness Friday two weeks in a row. First time for that. Not a whole lot to report. Last weekend there was a good bit of eating out. I worked at one of the gates for a local track on Saturday ripping tickets. Since I had to be there early afternoon, we stopped and got lunch from Burger King on the way up. I grabbed a hot dog and drink from the concession stand after my shift, although I didn’t eat all of the bun because the bottom half was moldy. May just skip that the next time I work there. Then, we stopped at McDonald’s on the way home(at like midnight). I don’t remember what we did for lunch Sunday, but we went and got ice cream for dinner. Not exactly healthy meals. I’ve been sticking with mostly sandwiches for lunch(would do salads if we weren’t out of lettuce) and something small for dinner. And I’ve done something exercise-wise each day(except for today). Tomorrow we have a family reunion to go to. It’s at a private campground and there’s a little water park there too. I’m going to try to control how much I eat, but my will power tends to be weak when all that food is sitting out there. And there will be a lot of running around after the kids. And we have another family reunion to go to on Sunday.


Starting weight: 165.2

Last week’s weight: 166.8

Today’s weight: 166.4

Weekly Loss: .4 lbs

Total Loss: still up just over 1 pound. But, it’s coming down at least.

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