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Of another first draft, that is. I’ve already hit my initial estimate for how long it will be. Which means I won Campnanowrimo. Except that I decided to raise my word count goal for the month to 35000 instead of 30000. I should have that by the end of the week if I can keep this pace up. I actually wrote just over 4k on Monday. Not nearly as much yesterday, but still averaged out to 2500 for two days. I slept in today and got off to a slow start. And had some other things to do at nap time today, so didn’t get more writing in. I did get a little over 1000 done throughout the morning though. I still think I should have the first draft finished by the end of the month.

  • Write 12,500 words(or finish 1st draft) – 6050/12500 words done. Still on track, definitely if I get more words in today.
  • Guarding the Heart: scene cards – major scenes/turning points – I have 4 done. Have 4 more major ones to do then I’ll start working on the connecting scenes. 
  • Read: Not Until You Believe & Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down(Lisa Olsen) – finished both of these yesterday. And read Forged by Magic: Origins(Angela Orlowski-Peart) this morning. 
  • Knit: Ribbed Cable Purse – I’m about halfway through the body of the purse. Still hoping to finish it this week.
  • Crochet: Teeny Beanie – I got the hat finished. But, I don’t have ribbon to weave through the eyelet row. Once I get that, I can finished this.

I also read the first 5 chapters of my CP’s Wip. And sent her an email on my thoughts. I hadn’t added it to my goals for this week because she hadn’t sent it yet when I posted on Sunday.

So far this week is going pretty well. We have two family reunions this weekend, one out of state on Saturday, the other closer on Sunday. So, I’m hoping to get everything done during the week.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: The End is Nigh" (2)

  1. Fantastic progress!!!! OK, so it’s only Wednesday, but it looks like you’re going to hit all of your goals for this week. Wonderful. Congrats on hitting your goal for CampNaNoWriMo. Now I’m wondering: Do you think about writing when you’re knitting???

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